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Tomorrow is Easter and it is one of those truly rare evenings where none of my children have any friends spending the night and the night is ours to share as a family. My daughter Hayden came into my room and said she was bored, (oh how I long to be bored!) I was working on my Garden Valley Real Estate web site and needed a break, so I suggested we grab the camera and go for a ride. My eldest son Zachary decided that sounded like fun so he came along too.
As we started driving I asked the kids to find unique photo shots and to help me create my next idea for a blog. It took us less than a 1/4 of a mile from our property in Garden Valley, Idaho to get our first picture. Zach spotted deer and so the adventure began .

These deer were at the hot springs camp ground which is a great place in Garden Valley to soak in some of the geothermal hot springs. The walk to this hot spring is real easy in this location.
In total distance I don't think we even went ten miles from our home yet the drive took us close to two hours. We headed up towards Lowman which is still in Boise County just east of Garden Valley. This time of years the elk are thick along the mountain sides. These pictures are all different areas and properties where we saw elk while we were driving the Banks to Lowman road through Garden Valley, ID. We were in no hurry and it was fun to call out to each other all the things we were seeing. We had some rain the last few days and the creeks were running strong . There was also a goose resting amongst the elk.

This deer seemed to be staring right at Hayden when she took its picture .

This deer was running into front of us as we drove down road. There for a few minutes it was like he wanted us to follow him and he would not get out of our way!
The Southfork of the Payette River is always spectacular and today it did not disappoint us with its white water rapids and amazing beauty. This section of the Payette River we were driving has class 3-4 rapids and amazing beauty from any angle you experience it.
The weather was just as amazing on our short 10 mile adventure as the animals were. Look at the glorious sun shining on the snowy mountain tops. What a spectacular view!
30 minutes later Zach took this photo of the rain coming down hard all around us but in the center of the photo the sun is shining. But the absolute most fantastic photo that we took on this adventure was the one we snapped as we were pulling into the driveway of our home. It is the evening before Easter and the view from our property included the sky displaying a spectacular double rainbow. The reminder of all the wonderful things yet to come as Easter gets a few hours closer. The message to my family was that our futures are infinitely brighter because of it.
Happy Easter to all !!
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