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All you bloggers on ActiveRain this is a great tip also check out:

Original content by Jeremy Blanton

While in Atlanta last month at REtech South one of the comments that I heard an ActiverainActiverain Search member was, "Jeremy, there is just so much stuff and I have no way of learning it!  I need someone to teach me!" My response was, why do you need to pay someone thousands of dollars to train you when it is all right here on Activerain!

Many people contact me regularly with questions of how to do something and they seem to always finish the posts with, "Sorry for bugging you, I didn't know where else to find the answer." Most people do not realize that at the top of your blog is a google powered search engine that only searches through the information contained on Activerain.

So how can this be a useful tool?  Well, to start, lets say you once read a great post by someone named Jeremy, but didn't subscribe to his blog.  Now two weeks later you cannot find your way back to his blog. If you do a search of just the word Jeremy, you can find every post on Activerain with the term Jeremy.

Activerain Search

So As you can see, the results show up fast (.23 Seconds, WOW).  The first entry on the list is a post written by someone about me.  The Second is a link to my outside blog.  The third is the one that actually takes them to my profile on activerain.  If you notice at the top of the search bar, there are a few ways to filter your results.  It I click on the members filter, you will see how the results change.

Filtered by Members

Now, the results just shows members of our community.  So what about some of the other filters how could they come in handy.  First, maybe you are rather new to real estate 2.0 and do not understand what twitter, facebook and all these other networks are and how they can create business.  So, you may want to read some posts about Activerain's Outside Blogs.  What a better place to look than a group on it.  So, if you type outside blogs in the search box and filter by groups, here will be your results:

Group Filter

One of the great features of Activerain is that it is a community made up of members who give back to the community on countless occasions.  With over a million posts on Activerain, there is a good chance that you will be able to find the answer to any question by using the search button. 

In closing, if you have any questions on how to do anything on Activerain, or whatever else, use the Activerain Search button! It can save you thousands on training!

I leave you with a few searches to get you started:

  1. Rainmaker Membership on Activerain
  2. Outisde Blog
  3. Listing Router
  4. Vision
  5. Increasing SEO

These are just 5 great topics to learn more about.  Share any other great searches you use as you begin exploring all of Activerain!

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Wynne Achatz
Real Estate One Westrick - Marine City, MI
Michigan Realtor and Notary Trust,Care, Experience

Jeremy this was a very informative blog. I am not a newbie on ActiveRain by any means, yet I really did not kn ow this tool existed even though I see it whenever I log into AR to read or blog. I especially found it very useful that you gave a step by step that is very clear and easy to follow. I have reblogged your blog to my profile as well. Thanks for the great post and HUGE Tip.

Apr 12, 2009 06:35 PM