Some economic indicators for Douglas Arizona

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Douglas Arizona has some rather interesting stats. Especially considering it has only an estimated 17,500 population. One contributing factor is across the Mexico border. There are estimated 120,000 people living in Agua Prieta MX. Possibly the fastest growing city in Mexico. 

We have a Walmart Superstore....I'm sure the folks who put that together had an inkling of the data coming from here.  

The following is some data gathered by the Cochise College Center for Economic Research
for the Douglas 2006-2007 perspective.

Population estimates and projections

Year                     Douglas                       Cochise County

2000                    14,312                           97,624 

2006                    17,468                           134,950

2007                    17,742                           137,939

2008                     18,015                          140,927

2015                     19,928                           161,846


Retail Trade is by far the largest catagory of sales in Douglas. Retail accounted for 73.5 percent of the total taxable sales from May 2005 to April 2006.

"Although the population of Duglas is 17,500 the commercial market in the Douglas area serves an estimated population of more than 150,000, including Douglas, Pirtleville, Agua Prieta and surrounding areas"

According to the Arizona Department of transportation, more than 11,000 vehicles per day travel along SR 80 through the Douglas area....(data from 2004) 

For 2005 US Mexico Border crossings (entering the US) totaled  approximately 7.5 million crossings.(this includes vehicles that may have had more than one person in them)

YES! that is one heck of alot of people coming through our small city!

We have a McDonalds and Denny's and a few other fast food franchises in Douglas near the border.

A survey was done by the Center for Economic Research of Douglas residents to determine their level of retail out-shopping. Out-Shopping refers to shopping done by Douglas residents at businesses located outside the City of Douglas. The intercept survey included 407 Douglas residents and was conducted at Douglas grocery stores at random days and times over a 6 week period. The survey utilized a confidence level of 95percent, with a margin of error plus or minus 5 percent.

Computer hardware and software saw the greatest percentage of  retail out-shopping. Books were second! 

Jeesh! these are the things I really miss being able to shop for here!  Sierra Vista is the nearest city for "advanced" shopping. Sierra Vista is an hours drive from here. They are now completing a Best Buy...due to open in the next few months. There is no large bookstore in Sierra Vista. You would have to drive 2 hours to Tucson for that. Or buy online....but for now you have to drive quite a ways to get much of a selection of computers to order them from..

My Own List:

FED EX....Sierra Vista is the closest and it seems we cannot really get next day delivery. Wouldn't some of the maquilardoras created by NAFTA relations be able to use a fed/ex here?


Dunkin Donuts....yes I come from New England originally!

Alpha-graphics or Kinkos

A large menu American restaurant  like TGI Fridays or Chiles ? Though I do love Mexican food I'm trying to think of the economic possibilities!

7-11: we have one cirlcleK

Tech companies: Why have high California real estate expenses when you can do your work here?


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