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• When you rent your home out you need to license it through the County. This costs $25.00 and we handle the paperwork for you. The County and the Tax people want the home licensed so they know where there may be tax dollars coming in. When your home is used as a rental, in effect you are operating the same as a hotel or motel and so come under their safety guidelines.
• Every bedroom and the main living area must have a hardwired smoke detector and there must also be an escape light. This light comes on in case of a power outage-this also must be hardwired. (About $350.00 installed smoke detectors and escape light for a 2/2)
• There also needs to be a professional quality refillable fire extinguisher that is approved by the fire department (about $55.00). This would be the same as you'd find in a restaurant or hotel room. There needs to be a dead bolt on the door that works from the inside and is a different key than the main door. All of these issues help protect your liability in cases of fire/break in.
• When the home complies with all of the above and we have the signed contract, then it can go into the rental pool.SPECIFICS OF THE AGREEMENT
1 Coldwell Banker agrees to manage the home for a period of one year with the contract automatically renewing unless either side gives 90 day notice.
2 Our fee for vacation rentals is 20%---what is really important here are the following points.
• There are no hidden fees-such as credit card charges etc.
• We typically send you the money within 2 weeks of receiving it÷we do NOT hold it until the first of each month or split it out each month. We always collect cashiers checks from the renters so when the money is received, it is quickly processed through our main office and sent to you.
• There are no charges for going up on our Web sites÷5 in all.
• There are no charges for the pictures that are taken.
• There are no charges for any specific flyers, brochures or ads that we run on our rental properties.
• Please go to
• We actively and aggressively manage your home. Meaning we get the best customers (qualified) We play by the 2 people per bedroom limit, and we work to keep it filled other than your personal usage
• All of the computers in the 5 Coldwell Banker Schmitt offices throughout the Keys are linked. If a customer inquires about a home, it will show up on the rental agents computers.
• We have Handymen, Electrical, Plumbing, Landscaping, Pest control and appliance people that respond when there is an emergency.BOOKING THE HOME FOR THE OWNER.
This is very simple. You would call the rental manager and have him block out the home when you want to use it. We don't charge a fee for any of that. Generally you would have us arrange for the home to be cleaned after you leave.FLORIDA BED TAX Florida charges a 11.5% tax on all hotel, motel, home rentals. We collect the money from the tenant and disperse it to the tax agency.CLEANING SERVICE The tenants pay this fee which varies based on the size of the home. On average a 2/2 is $100 and a 3/2 is $125.00.PETS AND SMOKING If the home is no smoking, that is put in the rental file and the tenants are informed before they book the home. If the home allows pets, we collect a pet deposit which is added to the standard security deposit of $500.
How are emergency repairs handled?
• We have handymen available that can take care of small emergencies or updates, as the owner requires. Since our company manages over 300 rentals, we also have a good working relationship with Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance and Carpet, Tile people.What about Hurricane preparation?
• In the event of an impending Hurricane, the handyman or someone else can be hired to put up the storm shutters, bring in the lawn and patio furniture, etc for a fee-as we have too many homes for us to do them individually. This agreement should be set up in advance by the homeowner and the handyman. We will help you find someone to do this.What makes a good Vacation Rental
• A clean, well-maintained home on a canal or open water.
• Typically one of the bedrooms should have a set of twin beds if the renters are bringing children.
• Good linens and towels and a backup set. This is especially important for monthly renters.
• The washer, dryer and refrigerator should be newer if possible.
• A good Television hooked up to cable (about $35.00 per month) and a CD or tape stereo system.
• The kitchen must be completely outfitted. A microwave is also very important for renters.
• Patio and/or Lawn-Deck furniture. If there is an upper deck, a table and chairs plus loungers.
• On the water side, below a set of loungers and chairs.We get a lot of repeat renters÷if the renters have a good experience, they will come back. We see this especially with people that book two to three months a year.
Where do we get the renters
Most of our renters come through the Internet and one of 3 sites.
• All of our sites are linked to Key West or which averages over 500,000 views per month. Basically if anyone looks at Key West they find our sites.
• The balance come through National Advertising placed in magazines such as Island Living, Florida Sportsmen, Salt Water fishing and Dive magazines as well as regional publications and our own buyers guide.
• Also all of our computers are networked meaning if someone is looking for a specific situation such as open water it will show up on the computer immediately as to area, availability and price plus all other details.
Who handles the renters?
• All of our offices have a dedicated rental manager whose job is to rent the homes.  In conclusion, there is a lot to discuss on rentals and this is used to just get you information regarding the main issues.BUYING RENTAL UNITS-DUPLEX-OR MORE UNITS
• There are Duplexes throughout the lower Keys and a few 3-4 unit complexes. The 3 to 4 units are generally in Key West or Marathon.In looking at the return, generally it runs around 10% in the Keys÷this includes the large guesthouses. When a return of 14% or more comes up they generally go very quickly.
DUPLEXOn the water generally start at $600,000. Nicer ones (maintained-updated appliances-tile) go for $775,000 and up. A dry lot duplex can start at about $550,000. These generally have the best return percentage.3 TO 4 UNITSGenerally in Key West or Marathon.
• In Key West, these can be good, especially if it's located in Old Town and one or more of the units has a transient license, meaning it can legally rent weekly.
• These type of situations run from about $850,000 and up. In Marathon from about $750,000 and up.MOTELS-MULTIPLE UNITS
• These are generally found in upper keys, Marathon and of course Key West. The more affordable ones ( one to two Million dollars) are generally from Marathon north to Key Largo. See Commercial section of my site. If there is a specific situation you want please let me know.

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