Natural privacy screen

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I have contracted with a landscape engineer to provide a beautiful, natural, privacy screen that is relatively inexpensive.  Behind my house is the back of the neighbors house.  Nice people, don't get me wrong, but they have an inground pool, and they are out there enjoying it all summer long like they should.  Heck, you work hard, you have nice things, enjoy... God Bless.

But when I am on my deck, it seems like I am intruding on their "pool party".  My deck is elevated 4 feet off the ground, and our grade is slightly higher than theirs, so when we have people over, or just want to eat dinner outside in the evenings, it seems we cannot look in that direction, or we are looking right at them..... awkward to say the least. 

So today I contracted with Bamboo Bob.  He is going to plant a living growing green screen, to give both my wonderful neighbors, and us some much needed privacy.  The bamboo, is deer resistant, which is important around here.  It stays green year round, and grows like wild fire.  So in my opinion, problem solved.  This beats planting evergreen trees and waiting for them to mature, it is like an instant screen.

I just wanted to share this solution for those of you who may have the a seller who's home would be just right... only if there wasn't that certain veiw, or if the place just had some more privacy.


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