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At Least 8 Lakes and 2 Rivers In Maine Diagnosed With Milfoil Evasion, Infestation!

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Dealing With Milfoil!

Milfoil... Nothing you want in a Maine lake..because once it is introduced, watch out. 

Like wildfire on tender dry grass, this evasive plant of which there are at least ten varieties just takes over that Maine lake.  Choking a lake with an explosion of vegetation growth. How does it get introduced to a Maine lake or other body of water? A boat from a lake with the infestation can have a shoot of the plant hanging from its prop..and when the boat and motor get launched in a new lake, tag you're it. A float plane swooping in on a Maine lake, pond, river can also drag in the dreaded plant life infestation, vegetation.

Visit www.maine.gov/ifw/wildlife/milfoil.htm for more from the state of Maine.  Also COLA...the Congress Of Lakes Association of Maine is a great bunch that want to give a lake to the next generation in better shape than they got it.  They are good stewards!  Visit them at www.mainecola.org  In the Houlton Maine area we are considered four hours away from the southern Maine area where milfoil exists and would like to keep it that way.  On Drews Lake, we are in the process of setting up a coutesy monitoring program for summer where youth can be hired, wearing a milfoil prevention t-shirt to check props, hand out flyers to educate and to help make the public aware of the nusiance. 

Local Maine boaters that register boats pay a $10 extra for a milfoil education sticker. 

Some grumble that if their boat is not leaving the lake, why do they need the sticker?  Or if they have more than one boat, why $10 for each watercraft?  The funding for the sticker is wise now before the vegation takes over so the $10 fee helps get the attention of the entire lake community! A problem down state, is a protential problem for Northern Maine.

Visit http://samhahockey.tripod.com/drewslake Drews Lake is also known as Meduxnekeag Lake and is located in New Limerick, Linneus and Oakfield comprising a 1057 acres! For more on milfoil and how to understand / fight it, visit http://www.umext.maine.edu/onlinepubs/htmpubs/2531.htm Maine, we take good care of our natural resources.

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