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So, is it a good time to buy real estate in the Indianola area of Kitsap County?  The question isn't as easy to answer as you may think.  Do you wait for the "bottom out"? How will you know when we hit bottom?  Do you chance waiting and then find yourself buying on the "upswing"? These are all very important questions and questions that many real estate experts are trying to answer for their buyers.  

Right now I don't think that any real estate professional can really give the perfect advice.  You see we have all the data but it is all really new data. The trends have changed, the market has changed and we have had to really study and become involved with market data more so than a few years ago. 

There are times when I am out showing a home and answering questions and I have said, "I don't know".  Buyers want to know what they can "get". Well, everyday there are strange things happening so the "get" part is a mystery.  I tell my buyers what others have "got" and really some have "got a lot" and some have not.

Just like real estate is local and "one size doesn't fit all" the same holds true for buyers. This may be the perfect time for you to buy and it may not.  What we need to do is find out what is best for you. That is why you need a real estate agent that will help you buy a home and not just sell you a home. There is a difference. Call me and we can discuss that in more detail.

Does a buyer's market mean you can "low ball" or ask for a ton of concessions? The answer is  - not really.  Within a "buyer's market" we sometimes find a "seller's market" in certain areas or price ranges.  So we need to still do our research which will include a comparative analysis of homes when we find the home you want to write a purchase and sell agreement on. 

Being a buyer's market you now have the opportunity to take some time, do some research and relax a little.  We are not going to see as many multiple offers, we are going to be able to ask for some concessions like closing costs, home warranty plan, appliances - there is some room for flexibility because the seller knows the buyer pool is a little on the low side. 

As a buyer you still must realize that the seller has goals too and some might even be offended if you offer a lower price.  But don't worry through the research process we will know how to overcome this objection with evidence we have gathered with our comparative analysis. 


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Jo SossAuthor:Jo Soss

Jo Soss is the designated Broker and the owner of Homefront Realty in Bremerton Washington. Selling real estate in the greater Puget Sound area since 1994 she has vast knowledge in all aspects of a real estate transaction. Using today's technology with her signature personal service allows her to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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Cynthia Tilghman, Realtor® Onslow County NC Home Specialist
Kingsbridge Realty, Inc - Hubert, NC

Hi Jo,
I think many people are looking for these answers that you have provided!

Apr 13, 2009 10:26 PM
Gail MacMillan
Titusville, FL

Hi Jo...excellent post!  I hope a lot of your Localism people read it as well as other agents.  While I was reading, I was reminded to be the "source of the source"  not THE source.

Apr 14, 2009 02:46 AM