Area 51 has been exposed! My imagination is now depressed :-(

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Area 51 has been exposed! My imagination is now depressed :-(


What do you mean UFO's aren't real?!? That was a joke people... humor me here. We all knew that the whole UFO/Aliens thing was a big hoax from the start, but at least it allowed our imaginations to run wild. What fun it was to envision life from another galaxy not so far far away...

Now that 5 former employees of Area 51 have not only confirmed that Area 51 does in fact exist, but they spilled the beans about the 2,850 secret missions performed by what is now being disclosed as the A-12 Oxcart. If the rest of you had already heard about this thing, good for you, but this is news to my ears! Not only is this thing a stealth jet craft, but it travels at 3 times the speed of sound and an altitude of 90,000 feet!  We all think of the black bird when it comes to stealth, but apparently this dates back to when Eisenhower was in office. Again, news to my ears but probably already known by some.

Now that my childhood alien stories are ruined and my imagination is licking it wounds, I am left with one question:

Does anybody have a semi-accurate estimate as to how much tax payer money went into funding the governments toys all these years???

Between secret stealth jet craft, the constant need to police the world and greedy corporate donkeys there's no wonder why our country will forever be in debt.

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