What You Ought To Know About People Reading Your Blog

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Incase you missed this post, here it is again.

Original content by Lisa Udy

We all know the people on ActiveRain that read our blogs, they leave comments and we get to know who is reading them. But what do you know about the consumer who is silently reading your blog? Do you even know who is reading your blog? Do you know how they found your blog? Do you know where the people live that are looking at your blog?

I do, and so can you. 

Here's How:

 I'm sure you all know about the great Google analytics, the problem with Google analytics is it doesn't currently work with your ActiveRain blog. How sad, I know! :( There is a solution, the website analytics called Get Clicky does work with your blog. It's super easy for the beginner to use. I have been using Get Clicky for about 2 weeks now, and I know I couldn't blog without it. Here's what the search results look like for today on my blog.
















This is a screen shot showing the search phrases people found my blog with. If you click on each search phrase, it will then take you to another page that shows you what search engine was used. It will also show you where they live, how long they were there, IP address, and time on site. And if I can use it, I know you can.


This is what it looks like when you click on the search phrase, you can see all the information such as bounce rate compared to site bounce rate, average time per visit, average time spent, actions, and how many people visited with this search phrase. Easy to read, and you can get some valuable information.

What I can gather by looking at this is:

Someone found my website with the term "what is a Realtor suppose to do," but they were only on my site for 5 seconds. This means that I didn't give them what they wanted. :(  

Now, I can go search this very same phrase in Google and see what competition I have. Once I check out the competition I can then blog about what a Realtor should do, and make my blog better.

So the next time someone searches this same term, or something like it in Google, I can have the correct information for them and make them happy. This will bring them back again and again, or maybe even a subscriber!

I do this with all the search terms that people use to find my blog that I would never have thought of without Get Clicky. This is a great tool to tweak the blogs that people are currently finding, and a great way to come up with new blogs to write about.

If you do this, you will soon see the effects, and you will turn up in the search engines for more and more long tail keywords. This will help you become an authority in Google's eyes, which will lead to higher rankings for your more competitive keywords. 

I am no expert with analytics, and there is a whole lot more to learn out there. This is something simple I think the basic user, like myself, and maybe you can use, to help you increase your blog's performance.


How Do I Get Clicky!


I thought you would never ask...all you have to do is go to their home page, hit the Register Now button and sign up! It's free for the basic account, you get the premium account for the first 21 days, and if you want to pay for the premium account you can. Once you have registered your user name it will ask you what website you want to use. Go to your homepage of your blog, mine is http://activerain.com/blogs/lisaudy ,yours should be something similar, and add that to the website portion of the sign up page. Once you have done that it will generate your HTML code to copy and paste into your blogs description.

This is what the HTML code will look like.









Where Do I Copy The HTML Code To MY Blog To Make It Work?

If you go to your blog home page, hit the Settings button on the left hand side of your screen. Once you click, it should take you to a screen that looks like this:

Activerain description page


















If you see the blog description box this is where you paste your HTML code. (It's right below the blog title box, the 2nd box down.) As you can see, I have my code at the very top of my description page. Kind of hard to see, but it's there I promise you!

Once you have pasted the code go ahead and hit update, and voila! You can now spy on the people looking at your blog just like me! If your having any trouble with this go ahead and email me I would love to help you out! Lisa@LisaUdy.com


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Lisa Udy 

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