Buyers Alert! Excellent Mortgage Programs!

Real Estate Agent with EXIT Realty Talbot and Company

Quick alert for Buyers throughtout the US, and especially in Loundoun County, VA and Fairfax County, VA.

I work with a number of excellent lending professionals...mostly from firms that underwrite their own loans...and am pleasantly surprised how they have made their lending programs so attractive for first-time AND repeat home buyers.  From reduced fees, to favorable rates and more transparency, I'm a believer the mortgage industry is an ally in helping individuals buy homes they can afford, on terms that meet each buyer's unique needs. 

There are very good borrowing options available today.  Please take the EXTRA time, and learn about more than one lender, their programs and who will service your loan after the closing.

I'm glad to share the names and numbers of several individuals who have earned their stripes, in my mind, as responsible lenders.

Best, Nikola 

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