Helping Children Cope with a Move

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Often times we are so busy with the details of packing, preparing our home for sale, cleaning, preparing for showings and paperwork that we forget that our children are struggling with moving away. Whether the move is local or across the country, our kids experience stress just like we do. To make the transition smoother, I have created a list of things that you can do for your children:

  1. Encourage your child to take part in the packing process. Let him pick which toys, movies, stuffed animals get packed first and save his favorite toys to pack last or right before the move.
  2. Talk with your child about her fears or concerns about moving to a new neighborhood, school, etc. Validate her concerns and let her know that you are available if she has any questions.
  3. Help your child look forward to the move by planning an outing to your new city's local library, zoo or movie theatre.
  4. Look through magazines for new ideas for decorating his new room. The ideas don't have to be expensive or elaborate. Keep your budget and time constraints in mind. New bedding, a new lamp, or picking a favorite paint color for the walls can be easy and inexpensive. You can keep a decorating journal (3 ring binder with top loaders) with pages from the magazine, paint chips, and fabric samples.
  5. Find a way for your child to stay in contact with their friends and family members. Make a plan that is convenient for both of you. Practice using the web cam, writing letters, or sending emails. Moving away from friends and family is usually the most difficult challenge for children...and for adults!

When your child takes an active part in the moving process, the transition will be easier.

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