Big Prize: An all expenses paid trip to The Emerald City of Seattle for a very special ActiveRain event!

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What's the Big Prize?  An all expenses paid trip to The Emerald City of Seattle for a very special ActiveRain event!

How do you win?  The Big Prize will be given to the member who comes up with and executes the most creative and effective strategy around new Rainmaker sign-ups.

The full version of the post:

What do we want from you?

Rainmaker BadgeActiveRain has a Rainmaker Membership Program. This gives new members an all-access pass to the most popular component of ActiveRain, our 2 million monthly consumer visitors.  

Rainmakers can post content directly to the public on ActiveRain & Localism, have those posts indexed by the search engines, and utilize anOutside ActiveBlog with a unique domain name. So we want our current members thinking about how to engage other real estate professionals to get started with a Rainmaker account.

What do you get from us?

Starting today and running through the end of the month we will be giving away Rainmaker Gear and a trip to Seattle for a special ActiveRain event!  That is right!  Get your very own Rainmaker T-shirt and possibly win the opportunity to visit the Emerald City for a special day with the ActiveRain team! 

Seattle WashingtonNow I know you are wondering, How do I get get a shirt?!?!?  Any member that refers someone else to sign up as a Rainmaker will receive a brand new Rainmaker T-Shirt! Also, your friend that just registered will receive a Rainmaker T-Shirt.  How new are these shirts?  So new that final design has not even been released yet! 

Along with your new T-Shirt, you will receive 1,000 bonus points for each person who signs up.  While you can only win one T-Shirt, the points reward will be given for every new sign-up.  

What about the Big Prize?

This big prize will be awarded to the person who comes up with the most creative and effective way of getting others to become a rainmaker.  In other words, think outside the box of ways to get as many people to sign up as possible!  The grand prize winner will be chosen by ActiveRain Staff at the end of the month. 

The big prize for one lucky winner includes an unforgettable trip to Seattle to spend a day with the ActiveRain team. You will be awarded tickets to a special ActiveRain event during the day.  Along with the tickets to the special ActiveRain Event, your grand prize includes airfare, accommodations, and a dinner with the ActiveRain Staff as their guest of honor in Seattle, Washington.  The special event will be in the middle of June (The date will be firm by the time the contest concludes). You will have the opportunity to spend the entire evening with Jon, Bob, Jeff, Jorgen & the rest of the gang at this special ActiveRain Event!


How to win the Big Prize:

  • New Rainmaker account must be registered between April 14-April 30.
  • Current referring member must fill out Rainmaker Giveaway Form with all their information as well as the info for each new sign-up they referred and submit before Midnight EST on April 30, 2009. (If form is not filled out, you will not win the T-Shirt, points or be eligible for big Prize!)
  • Limit one shirt per member.
  • In order to win any of the prizes, member must have an active Rainmaker Membership (or the Grandfathered account status.
  • Leave a comment below that details what creative way you utilized to spread the word about signing up for a rainmaker account. The big prize winner will be picked from the comment section.