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The most precious of resources is becoming even more rare, more entangled in litigation and more a part of future home development than we know.  In the years to come, absent of any major victories, the lack of water stands the reach chance of stopping future home development in Southern California.  It's simple, do the math: Less homes due to EIR's not able to identify and secure long-term sustainable water supplies for new development means NO NEW HOMES. Couple that with a continued demand to live in Southern California and you clearly point to a demand that will soon outstrip supply and prices will go UP!

Here is what the Governor is saying: "California faces its third consecutive year of drought and we must prepare for the worst - a fourth, fifth or even sixth year of drought."

- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is your chance to get involved in this debate and learn more today!

Riverside County
Water Symposium
Palm Springs Convention Center
May 28, 2009

As California endures its worst water crisis in more than a generation, the state also faces enormous opportunity.

California's leaders are preparing to issue $7.5 billion in economic stimulus money for infrastructure. Now is the time for water stakeholders like you to join us at the Sixth Annual Riverside County Water Symposium. This year we focus on finding strategies and financial solutions to the challenges of our aging infrastructure, court-ordered cuts in supply, climate change, the ongoing drought and meeting the legislated demands to reduce our carbon footprint.

Only through the collaboration of water agencies, political leaders, community stakeholders and business can we find lasting solutions to a crisis that imperils our economy, environment, and quality of life.

Seating is limited - Register Today! - 888.697.5836

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