It’s time to sell your home, now what do you do with Snoopy? Do you let the buyer and your dog wander throughout the house TOGETHER????

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You’ve cleaned for days, boxed away all those items you still haven’t used from your family holiday gift exchange and now you’re getting settled on the couch. Whew! Your hard work is done and now you are anxiously waiting for your Realtor to call and say a buyer wants to see your home!

On Sunday, they call! After hanging up the phone, you excitingly straighten the room for the 100th time and grab your cute little Bassett Hound pup Snoopy and hit the great outdoors. Out you go for a walk as your future buyer walks in your door! You Mr. & Mrs. Seller did great! A+ on your job of getting you and Snoopy out the door!

Now it’s a workday and your Realtor calls and you are at work till 6 and a buyer wants to see your home at 4? Do you run home and cage your pup or do you just let them look, while the buyer and your dog wander throughout the house TOGETHER????

After all, your friendly dog would never hurt a fly and loves people and kids!

Guess what? If you don’t cage your sweet little pup or remove the dog from the house during the showing, my buyer and I will not enter your home no matter how cute your pick-of-the-litter is!

I am not being rude, I am being safe! No matter know friendly your dog is, we are still strangers in their home and even the friendliest dog is protective of their owner’s home! The last thing I would ever want to occur is taking a risk that my buyer is in any sort of danger of being bit or attacked. Two things could occur: 1. they will never buy your home, 2. you may also see a lawsuit. And third, what if your dog accidentally ran out the door, down the street. My buyer or I would never want to lose your dog!

I ran into this situation last week here in the Lexington real estate world. I called the seller’s agent to setup a showing for my buyer and I. The agent informed me that the dog would be in the home and “the dog is old and would just follow us around, no big deal” he said! “Go ahead and show it..the dog does not bite.” he added. I explained to him that we would not show the home unless the dog could be removed or caged. So after discussing this matter with him, he finally came around to our side and said he would see if the seller could get the dog.

A few minutes later, the agent called and said the owner would be coming to remove his dog. It just so happens my buyer and I arrived at the home about 5 minutes early and we saw the seller as he carried his dog out of the house. Guess what? The dog bit the owner on the arm! My buyer and I watched in shock as the owner gently (as much as he could muster with his dog biting him) laid the dog on the ground to stop him from biting.

Interesting huh? And we were told it was a friendly dog! He was biting his owner, so of course my buyer and I, the complete strangers to the dog, could have been in danger. There is a great chance the dog probably would not have had any issues with getting a little territorial with us in his home.

Bottom line: pets are great and make the best companions one could have. But pets need to be protected too. When you’re home is on the market and being shown by agents, remember to cage or remove your pets. The last thing we would ever want to happen is an unfortunate accident.

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