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How to Prepare for an Open House

You’ve vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed and straightened. However, there are some other easy-to-accomplish things you can do to make sure your home makes a good impression during your up-coming open house.

1. Study your home from the curb. This is the first glimpse potential buyers will have and you want to make it a positive experience. Would some flowers perk up the landscaping? Is the entryway clean and welcoming? Is the doormat worn or new? Some simple changes can really help.

2. Open up your closets. If your closets are stuffed full, homebuyers will feel like there’s not enough storage in your home. Pack away as much as you can in suitcases or storage boxes and make sure everything that remains is neat and orderly.

3. Check the grout. When the bathroom grout is clean, it sends shoppers the message that your home is well-maintained and loved. Clean, fresh-smelling bathrooms and kitchens are a real plus.

4. De-clutter the backyard. Toys, yard tools, grills and other items, need to be stored. Remove any planters or pots that don’t contain attractive plants.

5. Make it impersonal. Remove family photos from shelves and furniture along with any trophies, plaques, and other personal items. You want home shoppers to visualize themselves living there, not you.

6. Secure valuables. Of course, most home shoppers are honest, but there’s no reason to put temptation in anyone’s path. Jewelry, cash, and other small valuables need to be put in a safe place.

7. Be pet free. Remove signs of the family cat and dog (i.e. litter boxes, water dishes and chew toys). Then, remove the animals themselves when it’s time for the open house to take place.

8. Set the stage. Put centerpieces and place settings on dining tables; they will add color and ambiance to the room. Also, leave a plate of cookies in the kitchen – give store-bought chocolate chip cookies a quick turn in the microwave for just-baked softness. Leave closet doors slightly ajar to invite shoppers to see how spacious and organized they are. Make sure the temperature is set at a comfortable level and play some soft background music. However, don’t display scented candles or potpourri; they could make visitors think you have some less appealing scent to hide.

9. Brighten things up. Open all the curtains and shades (and make sure windows are clean). Turn on lights. The brighter the interior of your home, the more spacious it seems.

10. Have fun. Take your family on an outing while the open house is taking place. Having owners at home can make shoppers feel uncomfortable. You know you’ve made your home look practically irresistible, so take advantage of this time to do something fun and relaxing.

Thank you to Michael & Lynette from AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service for this list!

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