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Why All Law Firms Need Errors & Omissions Coverage

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Americans can get understandably crazy when it comes to their lawsuits or their fight against a lawsuit. There's a rare determination and anger that comes with justice, whether it's warranted or not.

Which may be why Americans so often turn around and file claims against their own lawyers. And if you're a lawyer who doesn't think that could ever happen to you, you're wrong. Lawyers get sued for just about anything - sometimes even when they've won their case.

A client claim against their lawyer could come from a missed deadline, an error in contract language, or if the client is unsatisfied with the case outcome. It could also come from a fee dispute, malpractice, negligence - the list goes on.

The worst part is, when a client sues their own lawyer, there's not only the possibility of losing lots of money; there's also a huge chance that the reputation of the lawyer and the firm will be severely damaged. Lawyers and firms that are underinsured or that haven't updated their policies to cover all exposures are at the greatest risk.

That's why it's crucial for lawyers and firms to invest into lawyers errors and omissions insurance. It proves to be outstanding financial protection when it's needed, and policies can be "tailored" to fit: premium costs are determined by the size of the firm, the firm's areas of practice, location, and claims history.

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