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World Class Bass Fishery

Visual Tour and Website are available for what the sellers believe is the best built home in the midwest.  Here is his description on how the 3BR home and 3 acre world class bass fishery pond were built by the sellers:

The house plans for 157 E 1250 Rd were obtained over the Internet from Associated Designs, Inc in Eugene Oregon. When home designers distribute plans nationwide, they have to consider that it will meet or exceed building codes for wherever it is constructed. It must not only be adequate for Kansas storms, it must also be suitable for California earthquakes, Florida hurricanes, and Alaska blizzards. With this as a starting point, I far exceeded the requirements of the plans. In the following paragraphs, I will outline some of the building techniques and materials which make this such a uniquely built home.

Footings and foundation highlights: The plans called for footings 18 inches wide and 8 inches thick with 2 runs of rebar in 2500 psi concrete. I built mine 24 inches wide, 10 inches thick, with 4 runs of rebar in 3500 psi concrete. The foundation walls were to be 6 inches thick with 3 runs of rebar in 2500 psi concrete. I built mine 8 inches thick, with 5 runs of rebar in 3500 psi concrete. I also used foam foundation forms, which keep moisture away from the concrete and give an insulation R factor rating of 50. Since we are close to a creek, and considering the possibility of a 500-year flood, I built in numerous 4-inch drains at surface level of the crawl space, and tied them into the foundation drain system. I also covered the base of the crawl space with plastic sheeting and then with washed rock. In the event that the entire crawlspace was filled with water, it would drain within a few hours, and the footings would remain dry. I left almost 5 feet of space between the floor of the house and the crawl space floor for easy access. All of the plumbing is easy to access and inspect.

Flooring features: I hate squeaky floors. To avoid them, I used the following procedure: First, I used 2x12 Douglas fir floor joists on 16-inch centers. Next, I used ¾ inch tongue and groove plywood running East and West, installing it with construction adhesive and deck screws. Next, I installed 5/8 inch plywood running North & South, with every joint caulked, and finally sealed with 2 coats of deck sealer. This procedure has produced a floor that is incredibly solid and squeak free. In areas of the home that have hardwood or ceramic, the floors are just over 2 inches thick.

Framing highlights: The walls were built with 2x6 studs on 16-inch centers. I double studded every door and window opening, as well as every corner in the home. This required 100 more studs than were in the plans, but give the walls incredible strength over the conventional 2x4 construction methods. I also did not spare the nails holding it all together. I used nearly 12,000 more framing nails than required by Douglas County building codes, and that was before I starting putting the roof on. Most builders use ½ inch CDX or plywood for roof sheathing. I attached 5/8-inch plywood with ring shank nails at twice the number required by the county. I also followed the bracing plan for the roof trusses, and then doubled it again with X bracing in the attic.

Insulation highlights: I hate paying utility bills. With the home being framed, roofed with 40-year architectural shingles, and covered with 50-year Hardi plank siding, it was time to insulate. We sprayed R-28 expanding foam insulation in the exterior walls. We also went to the attic and sprayed all of the light fixtures, cold walls, and the skylight walls. Finally, we went into the crawlspace, and sprayed the rim joist around the entire house. Once the sheetrock was installed, we blew in 30 inches of insulation in the attic for an R factor of 38. Another factor in insulation is the windows, where most heat transfers occur. We used Low e double pane windows filled with argon gas. This cuts heat transfer by nearly 90 percent and prevents fogging.

Overview: From a construction and materials standpoint, I believe that this is by far, the best built wood frame home in the Midwest. In the worst of storms, the house will not creek or move. We also have had no cracks in the sheetrock in the 2 years since it was built. This is almost unheard of in new construction since nearly all new homes settle and bend following construction. 

Fishing pond highlights: The pond has been built and managed for trophy bass fishing. The pond features everything bass like, including creek channels, shallow flats, holes and ditches up to 27 feet deep, vertical, sloping, and stair-stepped drop-offs, points, and underwater roadbeds. Bass cover includes both deep and shallow wood, rock piles, stump fields, and rocky banks. Fingerling bass stocked in 2001 came from 10-pound pure northern strain largemouth. The initial stocking was 275 bass, 3,000 bluegill, and 100 channel cats. Since then I have stocked black crappie and hybrid bluegills, which will grow to nearly 5 pounds. I have been careful to cull out about 75 lbs of smaller bass per year to avoid over population. The remaining bass have been growing a pound each year and are in excellent health. I truly believe that the Kansas state record bass will be swimming here by 2011.

Anyone want to dispute his claim?  Enjoy the Visual Tour and Website.

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Lucky Lang
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What a great property for the Official Outdoors-person!  The house sounds like it was built by someone as Quality-Conscious as me!

Lucky :)

May 26, 2007 11:04 PM
Rob Lang
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Local Expert in NE Central Kansas Real Estate Home

Yes, the owner/builder has a lot in common with your expertise and attention to detail and quality!


May 26, 2007 11:59 PM