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Olympics Going to History-Filled London

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Plenty of history, fun people and did I mention beer?  That's right, we're talking about London, England.  Start of many of the TV shows that eventually wind up on American TV (The Office anyone?).  Plus, there's all those pubs. 

But, what trip planning should you be doing when heading to London.  Well, you could start at the bloody Tower of London.  Built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, this place has seen both brigands and gentlemen and prostitutes and queens.  Many a man and women spent their last days languishing in this oppressive encasement.

Or, if this is a little too dark for you, tramp over to Westminster Abbey whose hallowed walls hold the remains of Charles Darwin and Mary Queen of Scots.  Stroll through Greenwich and get a feel for what history London has to offer.  Then, stop in a pub for some fish and chips (personally my favorite) and grab a pint.  And, if you're going to be in the area in 2012, join the Olympic fevor that is sure to run rampant in the streets of London as they host the Summer Games.