fail 300x252 How to Make Money Fast

Stop whining, and go work your tail off. Stop looking for short cuts. You’ll get there quicker if you just get to it. No matter your business, you can go kill it, or you can suck up all your resources trying to look for the “trick”. Yes, there are lucky breaks and unique opportunities that come about every now and then, but if you’re not out there fighting the good fight, getting your hands dirty every day, you either won’t even recognize the opportunity, or you won’t be prepared for it.

Yes, you can make money fast…as long as you’re also willing to make it slow as well. Take it as it comes. In my experience, everyone who seems to want to make money fast, is not willing to make money any other way. The business has the be the perfect business. The product has the be the perfect product. The opportunity has to be the perfect opportunity… Guess what, none of that exists. This is why I’m not impressed when people tell me they have a “great new business that’s exploding like crazy right now…you gotta get in on this!” Guess what…EVERY business is exploding right now. There are people in every business that are making a killing, and there are people in the exact same business that are being killed. Wealth and success are in your mind, not in anything external.

Yes, fast money is very much a reality. I know dudes out there making over $100k a month. That’s pretty fast (for me it is anyway). Yet, the richest people I know still gas up their own cars and will do a favor for me if I ask nicely…and they’ll help you out for free. It’s not about making money fast. It’s not about making money at all. Money is not the problem that needs solved, my friends. It’s about being the kind of person that creates massive value for other people, and as a result money is never an issue. And that only comes from hard work daily.


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