how to get rich1 How to Get Rich

The almighty dollar. OK, here’s how you get it…

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Make a plan to achieve said goal.
  3. Work like a dog. A well-groomed, well-mannered dog that is.

Guess what. You may not ever make $10M. You may not ever make $100M…whatever your goal is does not matter. That’s what I’m talking about. My personal goal is $10M (adjusted for massive inflation, of course). I think it’s a reach, yet reasonable and achievable. For others, it won’t be. For others still, it’s a huge undershot of what they’re capable of. They’ve long since HAD $10M. It doesn’t matter. The amount of money…doesn’t matter.

Why Money Doesn’t Matter

How many times do we need to hear that it doesn’t take any money to bootstrap a new business and eventually grow it into an empire? How many times do we need to hear that it doesn’t take any money to take advantage of a particularly compelling investment opportunity? Creativity, ingenuity, financial literacy…all are required for a compelling winning streak in business. Money is a resource that can be brought in and that can make many things work better, but without the other components, you’re just a fool with money. And you know what the Good Book says about that scenario…

What Rich Really Means

The point is…have a goal, make a plan, and work. When you do, you just may make your goal. Having a goal, working towards it with fervor, this makes you a better person. It makes you stronger. It teaches you about yourself and others. Sustaining the journey toward a large goal forces you to fine tune your life, make sacrifices and continually grow. It’s the striving and the lessons you learn, the team you build in the process, the knowledge you acquire…that make you rich. Not the money.

A Classic Lesson from The Donald

Do I need to reiterate the tale of when Donald Trump was billions of dollars in the red? Do you think the man was a failure? Do you think he was a loser? Do you think we was poor? No. Even when he was massively in debt and hemorrhaging money, Trump was wealthy. He successfully renegotiated all his obligations, reworked his business and pulled through it all to go on and make billions more. His wealth is in his mind. It cannot be taken away. It cannot be lost. Such is the case with all of us as well.

BTW, in case you care, I will say I am not yet even close to the $10M. It’s a process :) I may not ever make my goal. I think I will. Doesn’t matter though. When I do acheive the goal, another will simply take its place. When I die, it’s all going to be over anyway. I don’t want to be remembered for having acheived all my goals and having lived a sweet life. I want to be remembered for having worked hard, for having never given up, for being someone who created massive value for others. I want to be someone my kids can emulate…and if they do, they will end up doing well in life. To me, that is a legacy. Way better than a stack of money. If we can do these things, we have lived well. It just so happens that if we do these things, we also are likely to get rich as well. Call me a sucker, but I believe it.


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