Show anyone on the street a balance sheet, and they will likely not be able to make sense of it. Show anyone on the street a P&L, and they likely won’t even know what it is. Show anyone on the street articles of incorporation for a promising new start up company, and their eyes will glaze over. Most people on the street are poor. Is there a  relationship between these things? I think so.

Get Excited…See the Value

See, when I was young, I was intimidated and very much bored by the US Constitution. You couldn’t get me to read a book if my life depended on it. You would be a gifted person indeed if you could get me to sit still for a music lesson. But now I’m a grown up, and I see a bigger picture. I see the value in these things, and since I see the value, I’m interested in learning more. I happily sit still and read, practice and study things that enhance my life. See, when I do these things I reap many benefits.

What About YOU?

I’m sure you can think of examples in your own life where some diligence and hard work has paid off, no? Have you ever really pushed yourself in some regard, and as a result you now forever have a different outlook on things? Success is like that. It changes you forever.

The Necessity of Financial Education

And so it goes with financial education. Is it really any wonder that we have twenty-somethings making billions of dollars while the average Joe struggles to get by? Think objectively about this for a second…the average person knows next to nothing about how to form a company and make a profit. The average person really knows almost nothing about money at all. So is it really any mystery as to why some people can become so phenomenally wealthy? There’s almost no frickin’ competition! Can you imagine if we had a world full of savvy and financially intelligent investors and business owners? Do you think things might be a little more even keel if more people actually knew how to make money?

See, we all want more money. We want to proser. And the thing about most people I know is that we’re all willing to work hard also. We just want to be paid more. That’s where we screw up. We want the system to “work better”…whatever that means. We want to be given more money for what we already do. The thing is, money just doesn’t work that way. Do you think the guy making billions of dollars works billions of times harder and longer than everyone else? No. So we look at him and say “No fair.” The thing about money is this: money doesn’t run on fairness. Money follows value. Period. And if you want to make more money, you need to know how it works.

So, learn how it works for God’s sake. And go get yours. If you want some of that billionaire’s stash, go take it. Don’t wait for Obama to do it for you.


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