My Selfish Frivolities - I Buy Myself Smiles

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   Some of you have read about my father-in-law, and that we are moving him out of his apartment of many years into a new house.  (Not a home!)  We are packing things up, and taking things off the wall.  Well, in doing so, I found this ultra-fantastic super picture of him, and I had to do something with it.  

    Dad couldn't remember his 88th birthday in February because he was a little under-the-weather at the time.  I believe all birthdays should be remembered (except mine-wink).  I got an idea of what to do with that great picture, see below:


  Dad was so thrilled with the cake that we didn't get to eat much of it.  He guarded the cake with a butter knife.

  A frivolity that was priceless moment and chocolate, too.  :)

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