Results from 2nd series event at The Emporium

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First my Mom could not attend and I missed her there.  She is such a help to me.  I was so busy with the days work and preparing the event buffet, I took not a single picture, for that I am sorry.  The buffet table was done in yellow, white and green.  Yellow roses, fresh grass and eggshell vases on dollies which housed a little bouquet of daisies (so Sandra semi-homemade, this months issue).  It whispered, spring! 

The evening guest, Elizabeth Freeman of "Staged Designs" was a delight to meet.  Her PowerPoint presentation was well done and an enjoyable watch.  There were four attendants last night.  One woman has had her house on the market, has since hired a new R E agent and took a price reduction.  She thanked me for hosting the new series event and expressed how happy she was to have attended.  Elizabeth took her time with her situation and reviewed her house pictures as well as provided a lot of advise, albeit I believe for anyone who has read my postings may be aware I do not agree with giving away free advise, a taste, yes...your talents, no.  The woman was delighted to receive it and Elizabeth was kind to offer it.  I suggested she might be better served by having Elizabeth for an in-home consult. 

At first sight of the pics, it was clear and obvious what the challenges were and how it needed to be better balanced.  I believe she was delighted that so much was shared, freely, her challenge is to get her husband to agree to an in-house consult. I know what to change for the next event. 

The other guest is a well known travel agent, that is a supportor of my endeavor and wanted to come to learn and was pleased she did.  I am so pleased the series is having a positive effect and look forward to the future. 

Off topic a bit, somewhat...I will continue on my path of trying to instill the idea of not giving away what one should be paid for.  We are business woman, and I will say again, there is no shame in making a profit.  It is business after all and not a hobby.  Free advise always is wanted and as woman we are nurturers and feel good about helping, but it is not a good business practice.  At the end of the day, nobody wins and your advise, albeit giving freely from the heart, is a devaluing of your skills.  I welcome your input regarding this too often used form of marketing. 

A friend in NH.

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