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Michael Bungay Stanier is such a fascinating guy. He is doing weekly interviews with people on the topic "Doing Great Work." Many of his interviews are about how to work less and how to eliminate the clutter and crap that gets in the way. You can access the Finding Your Great Work Interviews and choose the ones that speak to you! Or, be like me, and listen to them all! And then thank Michael.

In the interview with Bill Jensen, who wrote The Simplicity Survival Handbook, he shares that information is doubling every 55 days and he asserts we can never expect to keep up with it all or handle it all. We need the courage to start to saying no, and to start eliminating all of the things that don't really make a difference. A new distinction he brings is "speed freak clarity," saying it will save 2-4 hours a day. More on Bill's website:

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