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Green Home Energy Efficient Lighting

Why green your lighting? Since most homes have multiple lights in each room, your lighting choices can have far-reaching effects on how much energy you use and how much you pay for it. A green lighting plan maximizes energy savings through the implementation of low-cost compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar lights, skylights, and other natural light sources. Replace your costly lighting devices today with these green alternatives!

Switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs is a great investment savings because you have to replace them less often than incandescent ones. Install solar lights, wherever possible, and you won't have to pay for any energy at all! Also be sure to check out our natural beeswax and soy candles, LED light bulbs, and battery-free flashlights for more unique ways to save.

Save Energy and beautify your home

Energy costs are on the rise these days, and more people are now trying to find energy efficient alternatives to counteract the price spike, which is only going to go higher. Investing in energy efficient devices, such as LED low voltage fixtures will not only help out your wallet, but brilliantly illuminate your home as well. Green Home offers some excellent ways to illuminate your own environment through the use of LED lighting fixtures.

What is LED lighting and how will it benefit me?

Light Emitting Diodes or "LED's" allow illumination to pass through diodes (electronic components) to produce a splendid brilliance that reflects well on your surroundings. LED low voltage lighting fixtures are available in a plethora of colors from sunlight orange to deep ocean blue, but for most of us white is still the ideal option. If you have ever visited Las Vegas, you have probably come into contact with plenty of these devices, without even being aware of them. The main strip, where all the casinos are located, is loaded with vibrant color, which dazzles the eye after the sun goes down. Casinos use these lights to advertise their name and the services they offer. LED lighting fixtures typically use warm white or cool white LED lamps and colored LED lamps are reserved for special applications.

LED low voltage lights are also becoming popular in car dashboards, traffic lights, taillight fixtures and art galleries. Galleries use these types of strip lights inside display cases to illuminate important papers, textiles and other mediums that are sensitive to ultraviolet and infrared light from traditional incandescent light sources. Moreover, homes and businesses also use these low voltage devices to accentuate a space, or just add a little bit of light for viewing purposes. The benefits of LED low voltage fixtures are tremendous. This type of illumination is energy friendly and relatively safe. Light emitting diode devices produce very little heat, so the risk of a fire is dramatically reduced. These lights are great to use around Christmas time when most house fires tend to ignite due to faulty wiring or outdated fixtures. LED lights are also beautiful to look at and can add a soft brilliant touch both inside and out. Another main benefit of LED lights is maintenance. These lights have the potential to last 100,000 hours–10 times longer than most conventional light sources.

LEDs and Your Home

Green Home offers a unique way of incorporating LED's that provide low voltage lighting for your home. The installation of an LED light system will save you money, energy and space. The compact size of LED low voltage lighting devices makes them great for virtually any use in your home. LEDs are actually super-energy efficient - they produce a small amount of heat and are easy to install. Even those who aren’t home improvement inclined will find it easy!

Colorize your World

LED low voltage colored lights from Green Home are a great way of incorporating a little bit of color into your environment. Energy efficient and very safe, this type of illumination has seen a recent surge in popularity. The rising cost of energy has prompted many people to switch over to low voltage alternatives. Light strips using this form of illumination will beautify your home’s hidden features, bring life to your display cabinets and save you money at the same time. So make your universe shine and your enigmatic personality stand out with this wonderful, safe, colorful light.


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Transform your space with skylights, an easy to install, incredibly bright natural light source.
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