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Don't list a dirty house.....Bring the sparkle back......

Home Stager with Room by Room Interiors

Think about what your initial response is when you walk into a dirty house.  It will probably be somewhere near  the fixer upper with a lower price category.  We don't want that, so bring the sparkle back. 

When we are called to do a report for the Realtor and homeowner on how to get the home ready for sale we often see a dirty home.  Dirty homes are a turnoff.  We recommend that before you list your home have a service come into the home and professionally clean it.  Bring the sparkle back.  Inside and outside.  House cleaners, gardeners, and painters, are all a very important part in bringing your home back to tip top condition.  No matter how much it is worth, if your house is dirty,  it will always bring in less.  It is worth spending a little to reap the benefits. 

Before you list give us a call for a consultation from curbside to closets.  We will evaluate your home and give you a full written report of recommendations and suggestions to help you get your home ready to place on the market.  This is a great marketing tool for agents because we will be the neutral party with an objective point of view addressing possible sensitive areas that you as their agent may find awkward to address.  That way you can use this report as a guide for your clients. 

"Dress your home for success today"           

Michelle Spalding
Transaction Management Consultants - Waco, TX
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Naomi - I agree 100% - Sad that this little gem of commonsense is so overlooked in the market place.

May 21, 2007 06:13 AM