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Ive been designing websites in and around Medford, Oregon for many years. Without fail my clients always ask me the same question: How can I get more attention on my listings with my website?

Its always a tough question to answer, since every agent has their own method of attracting attention to their listings. The answer is almost always unique to the individual.

However, recently I discovered a great way to get WAY MORE ATTENTION to your listings.

Web design in Medford for real estate can be tricky, but this one seems universal. The answer is: Answer some questions for potential buyers BEFORE they ask.

Consider editing your webpage so that with each listing, you can show a financial breakdown of what the monthly payments would be based on the three most popular loan programs. Do this breakdown for both a 10% down and a 20% down scenario.

BUT WAIT! Dont do the work yourself. Call your preferred lender! Experienced lenders are happy to assist you with breakdowns of mortgage payments. Here's how it works.

A. You get a new listing

B. Call your favorite loan officer and ask them to give you a loan breakdown

C. In the TOP OF THE WEBSITE PAGE use this monthly payment info as your heading.

For example:

NEW 5 Bedroom home - $1100 /mo for qualified buyers*

Notice the asterisk (*)

This allows you to place a small disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage indicating that this is a scenario. Something like this:

* The above quote is based upon a pre-qualified loan with 10% down. Payment will vary based upon buyers credit and ability to qualify.

This protects you from liability, but helps potential homeowners to understand that new homes can be affordable.

I've even seen some brokers listing the going interest rate as well. This way the potential buyer sees the price, examples of potential payment AND interest rates. Its just another way to show buyers that they may be able to look at homes now in this market, which they had to pass on last year at this same time.

So now when I do web design for real estate in Medford, Oregon - I've got yet another arrow in my quiver of real estate tools to assist my clients.

P.S. - Consider then when creating titles for your Postlets, RealBirds, and Reallyo's



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-Matt Jameson

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Linsey Ehle
M Realty - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Nicely done.  I'm always on the lookout for the Rogue Valley folks.  Grew up in Ashland.  Still miss it!

Apr 17, 2009 09:55 AM
Matt Jameson
The Atlas Group - Southern Oregon Real Estate-Medford Homes - Medford, OR
Medford Web Designer

Thanks Linsey, Im sure Ashland misses you too :)

Apr 17, 2009 10:01 AM