Thanks for the Memories - or rather -Lets make memories to receive Thanks

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My customer walks in to a listing and is amazed to smell cigarette smoke rather than the scent of fresh cookies. 

I call a listing customer's tenant to say "I've got a last minute request to show the home" and hear from the tenant "I need 24 hours to get the home ready".  This is the first showing I've had on this listing in the 3 months its been listed.  Yes, it states 24 hour notice - but what do you do when the customer wants to see this one "Now" while we're looking and you didn't know 24 hours ago.

I drive up to a listing and see that the grass hasn't been cut or watered for awhile. 

Talk about your memories!  Who is responsible for ensuring these things don't happen to a point where the customer is immediately turned off to a listing upon witnessing a home or condo that sounded so wonderful when it was described from what was written in the MLS. 

I believe as REALTORS, we have a responsibility to our customers(clients for those who have agency) to provide the best services.  Do we go so far as taking the responsibility to clean up these places for the proper staged look?

Maybe.  I mean. . . what are we earning our "Full Service" commission for?  Am I just placing a listing in the MLS, allowing my broker to place it on his/her website, maybe haphazardly placing the listing in a local paper, or magazine?  What does it mean to actively list and market a property?

I must admit that when I have an appointment for a listing that I've not been to for several days, I take the responsibility to go to that listing and ensure that it looks reasonable to draw the potential buyer in.  Yes there are obsolete areas that I can do nothing about, but shouldn't I take care of the areas I can? 

I've been known to water lawns and gardens in the midst of a drought, ensure that homes with sprinkler systems are run on appropriate days, call the owner when it appears that the home really needs carpet, air clearing (even air freshners), and have scrubbed and dusted places where the seller is an absentee. 

I take it upon myself to ensure my owner knows that his tenant occupied property may have problems for showings as the tenant is not often as motivated as the owner to sell.

Maybe I'm overdoing my job - Yet, I know that my listings sell when they are properly cleaned, don't have a lingering smell, and look good when people are driving up to them.  I even take the responsibility to visit my listings weekly and ensure I get feedback when they are shown so I can adjust for the items which can be fixed. 

How many other "Full Service" REALTORS are out there?  If you are charging a fee that the seller believes is going to provide a professional sales approach, maybe we should look to providing the service that helps buyers to have memories to be thankful to the seller for bringing them into their new home!

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