Online Web Real Estate Appraisals - No, Not What You Were Thinking Of!

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We thoroughly recommend online web real estate appraisals. This does NOT mean appraisals of your physical real estate, your "brick and mortar" business, your home or land...this means appraisal of your actual website(s), blog or other digital assets for buying or selling. Even your collection of comments, blog entries and digital submissions to 3rd-party social and business networking sites, like this one.

Sounds a bit strange, and probably not what you're typically looking for in a Realtor, on a Real Estate site like this - but a website, especially one that helps create income, needs to be appraised, updated, maintained, staged and basically treated just like "offline" physical real estate - especially if you're getting ready to buy or sell. AND if the website is actually associated with your home, business or personal brand, in fact a "virtual" extension of them.

Therefore, though you may be thinking and planning a real estate transaction in the "real world", for example buying a new home - think a bit also about your online digital assets, and whether there are also steps that need to be taken to get ready to sell, or consider a new "digital property". I'll suspect that if you're reading this blog, you live and work not only in your neighborhood and at your business, but online as well.

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