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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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If you love the outdoors (like I do!), you should definitely plan a trip to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  It is a mixture of gorgeous mountains, rugged terrain and plenty of waterways for kayaking, boating or fishing.  One of the main attractions for the area is the Manuel Antonio National Park.  This lush peninsula found within the confines of agriculture and tourist areas.  Stroll along the peninsula and forget about life's troubles for a while.

There are also plenty of quality Manuel Antonio vacation homes in the area, which will give a little bit of home within paradise.  Oh, and did I mention the beaches?  Well, with summer on its way, many people are thinking of lathering on some sun tan oil and heading out to lounge on the beach.  Here you have your choice of many, including North Espadilla Beach, South Espadilla Beach, Manuel Antonio Beach, Puerto Escondido Beach and Playitas Beach.  Make a sand castle, and watch it wash away.  Or explore the coral reefs that pocket the hidden bays.