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Rob Levy shares:

"Speaking as a REALTOR®, I can tell you that so far this year, my personal Real Pro Systems stealth sites generated about $10,000,000 in sales. Remember: this is Portland Oregon, not Berkeley, so our average price is only $240,000.  

"The secret to the whole thing is keeping our egos out of it. As agents, we always promote ourselves. We name domain names after ourselves, have 6" glossies of ourselves on our sites, etc. This does not appeal to the consumers as much as directly meeting their needs through a stealth site.   "I am in Portland Oregon, home to 20,000 Intel engineers. Some of my clients are in the ‘social anthropology' group, and they literally do studies on how we do things. What they have shared with me is that our main buyer group grew up trusting technology, they hate salespeople and they don't want to be ‘sold.' One of the reasons is they can find out more on the product they are buying on the Internet than the salesperson knows, whether it be a car, a camera or a house. They tell me that those people are more attracted to a "stealth" site precisely because they don't have to talk to a salesperson in order to get information.  

"This is why stealth sites work. Agents who use Real Pro Systems take advantage of this fact and of the automatic drip email campaign that kicks in as soon as a visitor to a stealth site makes an information request. We promote our stealth site addresses over and above our main site address in real estate magazines, on the back of the flyers and via postcards mailed to our IVR callers." Here are Rob's Stats:  

Rob has 2,336 buyer leads and 117 seller leads. He has closed or pending a little over $10 million in volume from his stealth sites, with an average sales price of $240,000. He maintains a 2% closing rate for those who initially request information from his stealth sites.

Rob's Real Pro Systems "Gold" agent website:


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Rick Grand
nowhere - Eugene, OR
it is funny but it is true it seems. People tend to believe the technology and a lot of people do not want to deal with sales people for the "fear" of them trying to sell them something or on an idea. Your system sounds interesting...  
May 25, 2007 06:59 PM
Christopher & Bernadette Hurley
Go Hurley Group - Sugar Land, TX

What is your understanding of compliance with local governing board rules with the stealth sites?  In Texas, we are supposedly required to have the brokers info on every page.  Do stealth sites have a defeated purpose if they state on the bottom "Johnny Miller" "Keller Williams"  "123 main st" ?  We have recently received a contact from an anonymous source telling us we are not in compliance on our site. Currently we use the broker info in a hardly visible section of the main page and the REALTOR logo on every other page.  What are your thoughts?


Christopher Hurley


Jun 02, 2007 11:38 PM
Gwyneth Iredale

Christopher asks a great question. We are indeed very careful to comply with each state's discosure requirements, whether it be displaying broker name on the top or bottom of the "stealth" or unbranded webpage.

Stealth Sites Work

Our clients tell us users view the CMA or recurring search request (or real time MLS search) as truly valuable info and will volunteer their contact info in part because we state "Anaysis of Your Home's Value Emailed to Your In Box...Without having to speak with an agent" on the seller's stealth site. Our goal is not to dupe the user into sacrificing their contact info.

Seller's Stealth Demo Site
Buyer's stealth site example
Example of a demo Real Pro System agent website (integrated in the marketing system of stealth sites)

This is the difference that protects the user's anonymity and captures more valuable, real leads. As a seller myself researching home prices in my neighborhood, I resented the "lead capture" on a free online CMA form I completed. There was the phone call from the agent who received the lead and I never got the CMA...For the agent, there's nothing worse than wasting time on a tire ticker.

Managing the Leads

Once good leads are obtained, it's critical to manage them efficiently. In ours and any good system, the agent provides the CMA or recurring home search and automatically and immediately we start warming the lead with buyer or seller email campaigns on custom stationery. It is important to respond quickly, of course, since 74% of clients go with the first agent they hear from. When the prospects are ready, they come forward and contact the agent. They can receive multiple touches via newsletters, listings and custom email blasts from the agent through our system. Leads are tracked and managed in a control-panel Back Office. And by the way, we provide SEO tools to optimize each inside webpage of the agent site.


Jun 04, 2007 06:48 AM
Eileen Hsu
Douglas Elliman Real Estate - Manhattan, NY

Is it true that with Stealth sites you just collect lots of email address but low conversion rate?

yes, it is soft/low pressure selling, but how effective is it not asking client's telephone number?

emails are very easy to ignore... especially from Real Estate agents that just sends out drip email campaigns...


Nov 03, 2008 01:35 PM
Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Associate Brokers
Serving the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale Metropolitan Area - Scottsdale, AZ
Haven Express @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty

Once you have an engine in place to process transactions from leads, the focus must be on lead generation to fuel the engine!

Nov 24, 2010 01:50 AM
Paul Gapski
Berkshire Hathaway / Prudential Ca Realty - El Cajon, CA
619-504-8999,#1 Resource SD Relo

I think drip email or auto email should obviously do all the work for you. It should be just so easy and after just a keep in touch call or monthly call

Aug 01, 2011 05:42 PM