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Forbes.Com has just released an article on the The Best U.S. Cities for Jobs.  Now I know you think that all I ever do is talk about West Virginia . . . well, yes, because it's a great place.  In fact one West Virginia City actually made the list of Best Small Cities for Jobs.  I can't decide if I should spoil the article for you by telling you which city it was, so maybe I'll just give a small hint instead.  It is home to one of my favorite football teams and yes it is also a college city. 

This West Virginia town has seen a 2.6% growth in jobs from 2007 to 2008, and there's more good news.  It had an increase from the prior years of 1.8% growth and continues to remain strong as the recession gets worse.  If you happen to work in the hotel or tourism business, also known as the hospitality sector or leisure sector, this town has had 12.4% growth in 2008. contributes this to the fact that twenty percent of the labor force in this town works in education and health. 

Now those of you who do keep up with the top ranking college football teams every year, will note that a certain college football team certainly gives a healthy boost to the local economy every fall.  Especially since they consistently rank (at least at the beginning of the season), in the top 10 in the BCS, and they haven't lost a bowl game in a few years.  Now if we can just get to the National Championship and beat a certain proud team of "Nuts" to the north.  Even better would be to see them beat a certain team of Wolverines in a National Championship, but they might not be making a bowl for a while.  According to the Detroit-Press the revenue at the Big House may suffer a little due to season ticket sales being down. 

At the risk of alienating all prospects from Michigan moving this way, here is a quote from an article in the NYTimes about the new Michigan coach, "He arrived on the tradition-rich Michigan campus last year and glumly kicked off his tenure with a 3-9 season. It represented the most losses in a season in the program’s 129-year history and the first year without a bowl game since 1974." 

Thank you for reading and I always appreciate your comments and feedback.  If you like college football, let me know and maybe we'll blog this fall about pigskin.  To keep up to date on what's happening in WV and real estate, don't forget to subscribe!

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Hey Adam:  There are lots of us in Michigan who'd gladly pay for Rod's bus ticket back to WV.  Thanks for the post.

Apr 21, 2009 01:57 AM
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