KC Real Estate Expert/Consultant Offering Free Money Smart Week ‘Consumer Protection’ Home Purchase Workshop

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Over the last few decades a large number of real estate consumers have been disappointed or taken advantage of when purchasing a home or small business.  Advantage Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce the offering of a free ‘consumer protection' home purchasing workshop designed to raise confidence and protect and educate consumers to prepare and assist them in making a wise home purchasing decision. 

 When consumers decide to purchase a home or small business, they naturally expect that the individuals and companies they hire will protect their best interests during this purchasing decision.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Because so many consumers have a lack of confidence and continue to be taken advantage of in this area of real estate, Advantage Consulting, LLC has developed a free valuable ‘consumer protection' real estate workshop titled: ‘Consumer Protection When Evaluating a Home or Business for Purchase'.   

 Keith Worrel, owner of Advantage Consulting, LLC, is a specialist real estate expert/consultant and real estate educator in Kansas City.  "I was a custom homebuilder, developer and home inspector for eight years which allowed me to acquire extensive and unique real estate and construction experience".  "My free real estate ‘consumer protection' workshops were developed to proactively inform, protect and educate consumers and business owners when they decide to purchase, remodel or build a home or small business.  These new real estate ‘consumer protection' workshops also help to improve the value, condition and energy efficiency of consumer's individual homes and businesses". 

 The ‘consumer protection' home purchasing workshop educates and protects consumers when they purchase a home or business.  This workshop offers many steps and recommendations that include: protect consumers by fully representing their buying interests, researching and evaluating important/critical features and structural components of a home or small business and evaluating inspection reports. 

 This free real estate ‘Consumer Protection' Home Purchasing Workshop is being offered on Thursday, April 23rd at 12:00pm, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  This consumer workshop is free to KC consumers, organizations, associations and business owners.  Please contact Keith Worrel to find out when the next free real estate ‘Consumer Protection' workshop is scheduled or to schedule a free real estate ‘Consumer Protection' workshop onsite at your organization or company. 

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