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As I watered my garden this morning, I saw several volunteers that I hadn't planted but that had taken root. I have a compost in the garden and some little seeds and a potato had decided they liked the environment. I moved them to a better place with more sunlight and have some brand new plants that are going to yield goodies for me. Gardening has so many good metaphors for doing business in a "green" way, in tune with the natural (and attractive) ways of nurturing "seedlings."

 Spring comes early to Tucson, of course. We are actually expecting 100 degree temperatures this week, so I planted many seeds about a month ago. My tomato plants are 3 feet high and loaded with ping pong sized tomatoes. I also have loads of wildflowers that I intend to harvest seeds from once they have flowered. It is so satisfying to plant these seeds, and them water and see the results in the future.

But back to the volunteers...... I am not sure a potato plant will thrive in Tucson, but I am going to give it lots of water and see what happens. I also have a couple of tomato plant volunteers. Much of my garden is kinda unstructured, wild and unplanned. I doubt that surprises you given my style. I tend to plant stuff here and there and then see where it thrives. Since my personality isn't given to lots of structure, so this fits for me....going with my strengths!

Because of this, I am constantly surprised with my harvest and the volunteers are my favorites. They have started to grow on their own. Now, it just takes nurturing and they will turn into a nice harvest. The analogy for me while I was watering was understanding that there were lots of volunteers or additions to my garden that had shown up but were not going to flourish unless I nurtured them.

In my business life, I find, there are volunteers all around me. I try so hard, sometimes, to prove my self-sufficiency not seeing I am surrounded by wonderful people all around me who can help; who would love to grow in my garden; who could add something unexpected and extra to my life. How often have I tried to do it all myself, instead of looking for the volunteers? When I take my eye off perfection and allow the natural flow and abundance take me in a little different direction, my results expand and there's usually lots more fun and collaboration.

Where are the volunteers in your life? Have you been ignoring the opportunity to find clients that are unexpected because you didn't plant them? Or you didn't plant them or expect them there? I bet you also have volunteers all around you that would love to give you business if you'd give them water and attention.

Are you doing things YOUR way, using your strengths instead of trying to find a magic pill outside yourself? Are you assiduously planting the seeds for the future AFTER you close that deal to ensure that there will be a future harvest, remembering to drip on those seeds, even if it is going to be another season for harvest?

This week, look for the volunteers. Water them. Ask them to lunch! Have fun with the process and smell the flowers!

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