It's such a great house, if only . . . it was bigger, smaller, someplace else!!

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Hel-lo! Don't you just love these comments on your listings? And I'm not talking about the buyer's. I'm talking about the agents showing your listings.

This is not an agent bash - I think it is a result of how we now work with buyers. In the old days we'd sit over the computer and pour over the printouts (how many of us remember the printed cards and then the big books?) to find houses that suited the buyers needs. Now we set them up on an email, they look at the list, call, text or email - I want to see this and this and this. We dutifully call and schedule the appointments. Only to find out, it's too small, too big, not the right place. If we did a better job of reviewing the printouts for the obvious information and review it with the buyer, we could eliminate a waste of everyone's time and not cause seller's to be disappointed over and over again.

My favorite is, if only it didn't have this (perceived flaw) my buyer would love it. But if it didn't have that perceived flaw - it would be worth $xx,xxx MORE! If it was updated to the nines, not on the corner, had a bigger garage, whatever, your buyer could not afford it! I think this problem is caused by too many agents not knowing their market and letting the buyer intimidate them.

Quite a few years ago I had a listing on the corner of a busy street. The agent had the nerve to go to the door, tell the seller that the buyer did not want to see the house because of the busy corner, and she should tell her agent that the corner lot should be in the listing. I was furious because it WAS in the listing with the busy street being listed as the closest street.

Well, I have to go, my buyer is calling . . .


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Christine McInerney
Great Life RE - Knoxville, TN
The McInerney Team, Knoxville TN Homes For Sale

I had a listing last year that did not have a garage and about 7/10 when I called to get feedback the #1 "complaint" was that it did not have a garage and the Buyers really wanted a garage.  The listing was listed as not having a garage and this was also very obvious in the pictures.

Apr 21, 2009 03:21 PM
Claudette Millette
The Buyers' Counsel - Ashland, MA
Buyer, Broker - Metrowest Mass

Angela:  Sometimes agents do not take the time to actually read the listing before setting up an appointment. That is unfortunate since it tends to waste everyone's time. I usually try to reach the listing broker and grill a little, particularly if the property has been on the market for awhile. Brokers are usually forthcoming with information like "it's on a busy street" or "it needs a lot of updating" because not doing so can not only be time not well spent for the buyer but is also stressful for the seller. 

Apr 21, 2009 03:25 PM
Laura Gray
RE/MAX Realty Group - Gaithersburg, MD

Angela - Too many agents are used to the old market when it didn't matter where the house was , how big or small it was. The buyers all tried to outbid each other for any house no matter where it was or what condition it was in. It reminded  me of the Stephen King novel "Needful Things"

Now they have to work for a living again and the buyers believe the hype that they don't need an agent. That is until the search for their actual own home or investment property begins and they see the value of an experienced agent.

Apr 21, 2009 03:25 PM
Angela Penkin
RE/MAX Plus - Rochester, NY

Oh Laura, my favorite author! And "Needful Things" was a good one.

Apr 21, 2009 03:30 PM
Denise Gray
Realty World Alliance - Wichita, KS
Realtor SRES, Wichita Kansas Homes

You would think they would be tired of wasting their own time to look at homes that don't meet their clients criteria.

Apr 21, 2009 03:39 PM
Sylvie Conde
Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., Brokerage - Toronto, ON
Broker, Toronto Real Estate

If only they did their homework before they waste your time, your seller's time and their own buyer's time, we would all be better off.

When we sit down with our clients to go over the listings, and to explain why we are showing them these specific properties, do we not tell them on the spot: this house is on a busy corner, this house doesn't have a garage; this house only has 2 bedrooms .... BUT they are the only ones in your price range, in the area you absolutely want to live in???? 


Apr 21, 2009 04:44 PM
Irene Tron
Valparaiso, IN

What a waste of time for everyone involved!  As an agent, you'd think they would want to show homes that are appropriate and actual possiblilties for their buyer. 

Apr 22, 2009 01:04 AM
Lynda Bloom
Weichert, Realtors - Rockville, MD

It takes a lot of time and gas to show property.  Why would an agent show a house that doesn't meet their clients needs? 

The only justifiable reason I can think of is those A-type Buyers who leaf through all the listings online and tell the agent what they want to see.  (And blow off the agents recommendations).  Sometimes you have to take them to "their choices" once in order for them to learn to stop it and go see "your choices".


Jul 06, 2009 05:37 AM