Fort Collins Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams

Part of the Job is to look at these types of Sale Stats and Help your buyer with the process of figuring out what my home is worth and how does market play into the picture.  As a number geek i love to be the guy who brings into the picture the investor mindset.  I think when you are selling it is important to know what your days on Market might be so you can plan on how long this ride might take.  Each Neighborhood would need to be looked at in actually listing a home but looking at the health of the overall market is also very helpful.  As you can see we currently in Fort Collins are sitting on about 6.2 month of inventory.  What this means is that we are a very stable market.  In most Real Estate cirlce 6 month is considered the equalibrium of the market.  (under 6 months of inventory favors a seller, over 6 months of inventory would mean a buyer would have more to choose from and seller would be more likely to sell cheaper to compete)  If you have any questions about any of the local real estate statistics please contact me. 



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