Mahwah TAX Revaluation --- UPDATE

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The township of Mahwah last had it's revaluation over 6 years ago and plans are underway for a new town Revaluation. The plans were originally scheduled for  municipal assessments to take place in 2007. The mayor and town council had realized that significant changes were taking place in the Real Estate market so, they applied for and received  a 3  one-year extensions. This will bring the revaluation to 2011.

The collection and preliminary field work and assessments will beging during 2009-10. Values will be established in Octover of 2010 for assessments in 2011. Property owners will be notified to inspections via MAIL prior to inspections in each neighborhood in Mahwah.

For more information, see . There is a neat tax calculator featured on this page as well!

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Michael Del Greco
New Jersey Home Inspection - Woodland Park, NJ
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Each town has to get x dollars in taxes each year to pay their bills.  The towns take the total value of the property in the town and divided it up among the value of all the homes in town.  All the reval does is realocate the formula.  In a perfect world a reval is a good thing as it should make taxes more fair as market condtions change. 


Apr 24, 2009 07:12 AM
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Abbott Realtors - Mahwah, NJ
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Thanks for reading and for your comments. Yes, it may be a good thing indeed.

Apr 26, 2009 11:08 PM