Any Good South Carolina Attorneys

Title Insurance with Advantage Title Company - Nationwide

Being with a national title company, we get a lot of people asking us to help them in South Carolina.  At first we would handle the processing ourselves and have an attorney conduct the settlement.  But with the recent changes to the law, attorneys must now handle the entire transaction.

We are currently working with a few attorneys that we refer business.  But, some of them seem to be over worked, they can be inflexible, they don't always return calls, and we have had some post closing and funding issues.

Can anyone out there recommend an attorney that:

  • Travels to the borrowers homes
  • Covers multiple counties
  • Has good communication skills
  • Follows-up!
  • And possibly reciprocate referrals for out-of-state business

You can post their info in your comments or email me at


Thank you for your help

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