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Cell Phone Ban Comes to Honolulu!

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The day has come. The Honolulu City Council, by a margin of 6 to 1, has passed a ban on using mobile electronic devices while driving. Personally, I'm split down the middle.

Woman driving with cell phoneI applaud the ban, because how many times has my blood pressure risen because of some other idiot, slowing down the single lane of traffic behind them, because they can't drive at the speed limit and talk at the same time? I wonder, do they talk slower while they're driving, too?

I resent the ban, because I need to use the phone for my business! I can't pull off the road just to answer a call! Oh yeah, the ban exempts users with handsfree devices, like my cherished Bluetooth! Whew! Nevermind!

The bill also allows for other exemptions:

c) The following persons shall be exempt from the provisions of subsection (a):Police Officer

  1. Emergency responders using a mobile electronic device while in the performance and scope of their official duties:
  2. Drivers using two-way radios while in the performance and scope of their work-related duties:
  3. Drivers holding a valid amateur radio operator license issued by the federal communications commission and using a half-duplex two-way radio.

All in all, the bill looks like a straight forward and well written piece of legislation. The problem will be in the area of enforcement. The Mayor has stated his intention to sign it, after he reviews it further and consults with the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office regarding any issues they may have regarding enforcment of it's provisions.

The bill will become law on July 1, 2009 after the Mayor signs it. Hawaii will join California and New York with such bans. First time offenders will face fines of between $40.00 to $100.00.Under arrest

Diane Rice
Rice Prprty Mgmnt & Rlty, LLC, South Holland, IL - Lansing, IL

Hi Michael.  New laws will constantly have to be made to regulate misuse as technology advances, and it's a good safety measure for us all.  We would not know how to act if we were told to lose phone usage in the auto all together would we?  Just how did they do it in the olden days???

Apr 22, 2009 04:25 PM
Michael S. Mackey
CENTURY 21 All Islands - Mililani, HI

Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC I have it on good authority that there was no such thing as a real estate salesperson before the invention of the cell phone!

Apr 22, 2009 04:35 PM
Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman
Liberty Homes - Mililani, HI

I've had my Plantronics (well, actually on my second one) for three years now....nothing better than not worrying about holding something. I'm glad I quit smoking two years ago too.....now I'm really hands free!

Apr 22, 2009 05:19 PM
Gabrielle Kamahele Rhind
KGC Properties LLC, Tucson Property Management & Real Estate - Tucson, AZ

HI MICHAEL!  Does this law apply to all the islands?  I am coming home soon (to Hilo) and sure would like to know!  Thanks for the post! -- Gabrielle

Apr 23, 2009 07:54 AM
Nate Rowe
Oakstone Properties, Homes in Richmond VA - Richmond, VA
Realtor, Homes in Richmond VA

What about Bluetooth?  Are they banning this also.  I do not drive while holding a phone, but I am always talking with my earpeice.  If they area banning them, it would be real hard to enforce.  I wish you the best.

Apr 23, 2009 02:58 PM
Michael S. Mackey
CENTURY 21 All Islands - Mililani, HI

Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman HAWAII Relocations & Real Estate (Century 21 Liberty Homes) I know, can't live without it anymore!

Gabrielle (Kamahele) Rhind (Tucson Arizona Real Estate Tierra Antigua Realty) Hi Gab! I believe this is just in Honolulu, because it was a city council bill, and will be signed into law by the Mayor.

Nate Rowe, Homes in Richmond VA Realtor in Richmond VA, (Oakstone Properties, Homes in Richmond VA ) My first reaction was to ask that question too. Bluetooth is okay. Basically, the violation will be for holding a device in your hands while operating it, while driving.

Apr 24, 2009 06:06 AM
Matt Listro
National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro - Vernon, CT
Your Credit Repair Expert

Hi Michael: We have that law here in CT - I've been caught using my cell while driving twice now but still have not gotten a ticket - whew.


Apr 26, 2009 12:06 PM
Regina P. Brown
MBA Broker Consultants - Carlsbad, CA
M.B.A., Broker, Instructor

If you're split down the middle, does your right half know that your left half is using the cell phone while driving!  Ha ha.  We've had this ban in CA for a year, you still see folks driving bad while talking on cell phones, but overall it has increased the driving skills of Californians.

Apr 26, 2009 12:31 PM
Michael S. Mackey
CENTURY 21 All Islands - Mililani, HI

National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro Matt! Third time is a charm!

Regina P. Brown Real Estate on the California Coast Never let one half know what the other half is doing! Glad to know that the ban is having a positve effect in CA. Everyday I am amazed at how many people are on the road using their cell phones, and driving like jerks!

Apr 27, 2009 05:10 AM
Jim Cheney
Saint Francis Property Santa Rosa, CA - Santa Rosa, CA
Rincon Valley Realtor 707.494.1055

It became illegal in California this year too.  I think it's a good thing.  You cant text, or anything, not even while stopped for a red light.  I do miss adding thing to the calendar on my PDA.  We had a huge light rail crash in L.A. where the train operator was texting his girlfriend.  That pushed everybody over the edge here. 

We'll learn to adapt. 

Apr 30, 2009 09:14 AM
Michael S. Mackey
CENTURY 21 All Islands - Mililani, HI

Jim Cheney Your Rincon Valley Realtor (Saint Francis Property Santa Rosa, CA) Ouch! Unbelievable that a train operator would do that! We had a news report, a passenger on the bus recorded a video on her cellphone, of a bus driver playing video games on his cell phone, while driving. I think that helped push this legislation through here.

Apr 30, 2009 09:36 AM
Lynn911.com ~ Dallas Real Estate Agent Top Team
Dallas Houses for Rent Dallas Apartment Rentals Lynn911.com - Dallas, TX

Michael cell phones are GREAT however dangerous then place text driving at the same time NOW that works DAH... Have a great and successful weekend

May 01, 2009 04:04 PM
Dave White
VA Loan Hero

Aloha Mike,

I completely forgot about the new law coming into effect. Its really going to hinder me as I am a loan officer that will seldom hear my phone ring twice before It is answered. I have tried the blue tooth but the sound quality is less then impressive. Is there anything device that you suggest that has good quality? Mahalo

Dave White

Va Loan Hero

Jun 29, 2009 12:19 PM