Who Will Provide Mortgage Relief for American Veterans Wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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Clearly, everyone who has trouble making mortgage payments does not deserve a bail-out. But figuring out who does is proving to be tricky. So while the Obama administration scrambles to check the surge of middle-class foreclosures, many Americans will continue to complain that not enough is being done, that they have been left out. There is one community; however, that DOES deserve help, in a big way and soon – current era veterans who suffer from life-altering injuries connected to their military service. If the U.S. government fails to address their housing problems the heavy burden will bring down more of their families and strain the non-profits that strive to help them. Do we not have a moral duty to stop this humanitarian crisis?

Why have so many wounded veterans gotten into this trouble? Two problems stand out. First, they purchased homes with the reasonable expectation of remaining fully employed as military, or later, as civilians. Unfortunately, severe injuries changed their lives. Their civilian incomes are usually much less, and less certain, than prior military earnings and severe injuries and disorders can make steady jobs rare. Most wounded veterans do apply for compensation for their service-connected injuries. And this income might be viewed as the solution to their mortgage problems. But that would be a huge mistake. Government payouts are surprisingly modest - a veteran with spouse, a single child and a 60% disability rating receives only $1129 a month, and payments typically do not start until four to six months after a claim is filed with the Veterans Administration. Appeal a claim and the veteran gets back in line.

Hopefully, the U.S. government will eventually assist veterans who are struggling with unaffordable mortgages. But for now, they can only turn to veteran support organizations, non-profits who are currently facing a tough fund-raising environment. This means other Americans – individuals and businesses - need to step forward and help even more than in the past.

Rebuild Hope is one national non-profit that efficiently and effectively helps these veterans and their families. Its innovative financial support network enables individual Americans to assist e veterans who suffer from life-altering injuries AND unexpected economic problems that disrupt their efforts to build healthy and stable civilian lives. Rebuild Hope helps veterans create realistic budgets and make better financial decisions. Veterans display personal profiles and their needs on a website and donors easily make gifts online knowing that 100% of their donations are distributed to deserving families.

Families of men and women who have served in the regular military, Guard or Reserves since September 11, 2001 may qualify for assistance. Acceptance into the Rebuild Hope Program enables them to receive up to $3000 in aid over a 6 to 12-month period through the generosity of individual donors – like you - who gift through the Rebuild Hope network. Plus, they receive free financial counseling, coaching and referrals to experts who can assist them with consumer debt problems. To help more veterans keep their homes and transition to civilian life Rebuild Hope needs more help from other Americans. Make a gift through Rebuild Hope and spread the word about the one-of-a-kind network that makes it possible for Americans to take care of their own.

Here’s your chance to help: http://www.rebuildhope.org/



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