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Today, I couldnt help myself!   In my hometown, we are having an area wide garage sale!  Arghhhh...traffic everywhere, and people looking for bargains..and not watching the road...blah blah blah!~ I ride my Mountain Bike to work everyday, as I only live 1 mile from the office...sooo...it was especially disturbing to me that a used couch and it's price were more important than my health...but, that is another blog for another day! 

Well, every day on my way to work, I go by the SAME 3 houses that are listed for sale and notice that they all have the SAME 3 things in common...NO OPEN HOUSE!  EVER!  Often times, the 2 with INFO BOXES, are out of fliers!  Being in sales, and a bit on the OCD side, this drives ME CRAAAAZZZZZYYYY!!!  I say to myself..."self, why wouldnt the REALTOR keep this box filled with fliers and allow their little SOLDIER OF FORTUNE to continue working throughout the nights and days?"  I decide to stop at the first house, and start to fancy a couple of older mountain bikes, when the owner comes out to greet me and tries to make a sale!  I explained to her that I had heard the "ad" for her home...on the Country Music radio station, and she was AMAZED...because she didnt KNOW it was being advertised on the radio!  She did however, tell me that she had TWO open houses already, and it was only listed in February! I say BRAVOOO to the Realtor! The seller also explained that her Realtor thought open houses were fantastic, but that she was relatively new to the business! I explained to her that the ad was only 10 seconds long but effective, and me being in the mortgage industry probably had something to do with the fact that I remembered it.   Again, I said to myself, "self,   why do you have to be a NEW Realtor to try NEW THINGS, or old things?"

" I thought our job was to offer the product? " - Darin/Osm/ 4-28-09

After speaking with this woman another 5 minutes is all, I found out that she had gone through Ovarian Cancer, she had a 2nd mortgage, that she had lost her business, and through ALL OF THIS....she was smiling and being EXTREMELY friendly!  I couldnt believe this womans attitude!  I want nothing more than to HELP her get her home sold! (Today, I called her Realtor and told her that I thought she was doing a GREAT JOB!  I also sent her an invite to Active Rain!)  While I was talking to the seller, several other people...being people, and being nosy...listening in...started asking me questions....half hour LATER, I finally left this garage sale!  I had handed out 3 business cards, have new friends, am buying a new "used" bike, and have the pontential of a new relationship with a NEW REALTOR!  This cost me nothing but time, and a good listening ear!

One of my two mentors once said, "Establishing trust takes time; and sometimes that means adding value without receiving business." - Todd Duncan

Isn't that true?  I attempted to establish trust with the seller, the realtor, and even the people shopping at the garage sale!  The next step, is to follow through, but that is a WHOLE nother blog!!  :)  Will anything come about from all of this...I dont know...but I do know that it wouldn't have for sure, if I hadnt stopped and TRIED! 

What value do you add?  I believe my value that I add is experience! 

Then, I was on to the NEXT garage sale..............


I am confident that MANY people can ask questions...but...it is the WAITING for the answer that is the tricky part!



 What question do you think this guy is asking himself? 


The lesson here:  Dont be afraid to offer your product, to be fearless, to be positive in the face of long odds, to add "your value" to the deal, to ask alot of questions, and most importantly to stay focused and listen!


Happy Selling! -  Darin

Please enjoy my other blogs, and if you ever have a question, no matter how silly it appears on the outside, dont be shy....send me an email to Darin@osmwi.com


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Dinah Lee Griffey
Windermere Peninsula Properties - Allyn, WA
Managing Broker Windermere Peninsula Properties

Cute post. I love the polar bear! Thanks for sharing-Dinah Le

Apr 28, 2009 01:38 PM
Nancy Lauler
Annie Lauler Corporation - McLean, VA

Concerns me to see the Polar Bear  - Global Warming?

Apr 28, 2009 01:48 PM
Lee Walsh
SecurityNational Mortgage - Lake Mary, FL
Executive Talent Scout for Mortgage Professionals

Thanks Darin.. you made a good point!

Apr 29, 2009 12:36 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

HI there Dinah Lee! -  Thanks for stopping by!  I think to myself, whenever I am short a "loan" or two, I get back to the things that got me here in the first place!  The good old fashioned things....like phone calls, letters, and of course, personality!   Thanks again!

Nancy-  I am a member of an organization called Defenders of Wildlife!  I couldnt agree more!  If my blog is cute, interesting, informing, and reminding...it could also be alarming, and I am okay with that!  :)

TFSLO.com -  Thanks for commenting!  I appreciate it!  I normally BLOG about such serious topics, and try to inform and educate, but when this came along, I could not help it!  Thanks again!


Apr 29, 2009 01:42 AM
Gerry Suarez Jr.
New American Funding NMLS 6606 - Orlando, FL
FL Mortgage Guru

Great job D!

We need to live the business more than ever. There are sooooo many in need of quality loan info, and so few it seems ready and able to provide it. You're a good man, and your customers see that. In addition you know your stuff, and all customers need that. I'd say that mix will keep you busy forever!

Gerry Suarez, Jr.

Your FHA Loan Pro!

Apr 29, 2009 11:53 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Mr. Suarez,

Thanks for the comment..You know, I have 8 different types of marketing that I do each and every day...I little each day....You are VERY correct....it IS THE MIX!  For example, if someone only solicits FHA loans, then, what happens if a major change happens that causes them to lose 75% of their business..or, in my case...say we were doing alot of cash out refinances, and they make it TOO expensive to make sense...then I LOSE alot of my business..

You are right!  The key, mix it up....Mix up the solicitation, stay true to your principles & character, and stay focused!  The people that do this...will survive...the others, will become order takers at banks or credit unions that make 28k per year!

i know..harsh..but we should go back to the ABC's right?? Always be selling!




Apr 30, 2009 06:17 AM