Monday Morning Fires - Low E vs No Low E, Talking Glass Here Folks!

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A Monday Morning in the life of Buzz started yesterday when I received an email from Eric Hughes with Image Design who is the designer on Adam Bearup's Herkelrath Project. Adam Bearup Hybrid Homes Herkelrath Project Windows


Eric's email stated that Adam did NOT want Low E glass on the south and eastern facings of the home so they could get more solar gain from the windows.

Unfortunately, the windows have been ordered for a few weeks with Low E specifications. This came as quite a surprise/shock! So I dumped Mary off the phone, very impolitely I might add, and got to work putting out my

Monday Morning Fire.


With Eric's help and help from the representative at Anderson Windows the changes were made and hopefully do not delay the project.

The reason behind the Non Low E glass is that the homeowner is designing a passive solar home. The Low E glass is a coating that is placed on the glass. The coating serves to reduce the amount of solar gain negating some of the passive solar traits the homeowner desired. Stupid me, I should have known that! A lesson that won't be forgotten! If you are building a passive solar home you may want to research the differences between heat gain and loss through windows. Jeldwen Windows Low E

This picture from Jeldwen Windows Website demonstrates how low e glass works on a warm day. Heat and Ultra Violet Rays (UVA) which are damaging are reflected while Healthy, visible light is allowed to pass through.

Argon insulated windows are double pane windows filled with Argon between the panes. The Argon is a gas that is denser than air so it decreases the movement of heat through the space.Anderson Argon filled windowAnderson High performance insulated windows.

We are replacing the Low E windows with an Anderson High Performance window, providing the homeowner with argon insulated double pane glass on the south and east side of the home. We will still supply Low E on the North and Western exposed sides of the home.

I think we put this fire out with awesome cooperation between Team Hybrid, Team Standale and Team Anderson.It is Monday's like this that get me out of bed in the morning!

Stephanie Edwards-Musa - The Woodlands, TX
knitwit at thred UP
This is great Buzz! Thanks for sharing!
May 22, 2007 11:49 AM
Jeff R. Geoghan
Coldwell Banker Realty - Lancaster, PA
REALTOR, Marketing Manager
Good detail work - keep it up!
May 22, 2007 01:43 PM
Mary McGraw
GLREA - Rockford, MI
2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine!

Adam, you are a true fore runner on the green front...a risk taker and innovator to be sure! 

From a bystander's viewpoint -- and this goes out to all of us -- I learned last week from the sidelines that the proper questions need to be asked.

I have had times in the mortgage business (too many to count) when I assumed something because of another question that was answered, and I assumed the "inferred" answer. Guess what, I was wrong.

To those of us in sales we need to remember the importance of asking the right questions and never assuming the answer. In Michigan, we call a soda "coke" many times. If I go into a restaurant and ask for a "Pepsi" and they don't carry that product, they are sure to tell me "No Pepsi, Coke" (don't EVER forget Saturday Night Live!) and visa-versa! 

Assuming the close and taking the order is great! This is a great lesson in making sure you are closing on the product your client wants!

Communication is KEY! As we delve in to "Green" -- new territory for us all -- don't forget Communication!

May 28, 2007 07:23 PM
Buzz Holtvluwer
Standale Lumber and Interiors - Grandville, MI

Stephanie and Jeff - the detail work comes from my detail person! Thanks for your comments.

Adam - Thanks for the comments. Being out in the forefront can't always be easy -- sometimes those of us trying to follow get lost in the wake and have to swim to shore.

Mary - questions are easy to ask, it's learning the RIGHT questions that makes the difference!

May 30, 2007 01:09 AM