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As a Branch Manager for Windermere Exclusive Properties it’s my job to spread the word on why our brokerage is a great place to work. With all of the “consolidation” going on in the San Diego real estate world, it’s been hard for me to get out because our phones are starting to ring off the hook.

Our phones are ringing because we are the company that is different than the rest and agents are looking for better, more innovative companies to hang their license with.



I had a really good interview today with a recently relocated broker associate who is considering joining our company. As always, I try to convey an accurate portrait of our company and what it’s like to work with us while getting to know the potential new agent.

I always end up saying the same things… “It’s our culture that makes us different” and “we’re like a family”, which sound sort of cliche’ish ( I know this isn’t a word!)

When I interview for our offices, I look at the person in front of me and try to visualize how they will “fit” within the office. Most often, I end up apologizing for talking too much and going on too long (I do love my company!) instead of being a good interviewer and asking lots of the boring traditional questions.

When I do get to the questions I like to ask, I’m usually able to bring to the top what the agent is really looking for in a brokerage, and what they need to succeed.

REALTORS are starting to get that it’s not all about us anymore. People don’t care what million dollar clubs we belong to. They’re not impressed with our image websites with pictures of our dogs and cats or our beautiful families. People want the local info, the stuff they can’t find on Zillow or Trulia.

They will gravitate to those agents who can provide them with this type of service. We teach this everyday! At one point in my interview, I told the interested agent that at our brokerage, every agent donates a portion of their commission on every transaction we close to the Windermere Foundation.

The amounts vary but every closed transaction results in money going to a good cause. I was asked where does the money end up, and while I answered the question, it made me think of a video we produced that answered the question far better than I ever could. Watch The Video.


The real estate professional of today needs the support, resources, and tools that a company like Windermere Exclusive Properties can provide them with.

Marketing in general and online marketing especially are critical for today’s homeseller. Providing the right information to buyers today is hugely important, who now have the capability to know just about everything about a property before it’s ever seen in person.

We provide the support and the tools and the education to our agents that consumers need today. What our professionals are looking for, even in tough economic times like we’re experiencing today, is to feel good about what they do and how they help people.

It is The Windermere Way.

If you are looking for a professional real estate representative, you can count on Windermere. My interviewee today was that professional, and would fit right in to our family.

I hope she joins our team! To find an experienced agent who can help you navigate today’s ever changing market, click on this link.

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