The Challenges of Closing in Florissant, Colorado

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Whenever I get a request to do a closing in Florissant, Colorado, I think of that saying: 'It's not just a job. It's an adventure.'

Florissant, Colorado - dirt roadFor starters, Florissant, Colorado isn't actually a city.  You won't find paved streets with traffic lights.  There are no neighborhoods with rows of houses and kids playing on the sidewalks, or people walking their dogs.





CR1 (County Road 1) Florissant, ColoradoNo. Florissant isn't a city.  It's wilderness.  Instead of streets, avenues, and boulevards, you have county roads.  And they aren't laid out in a grid.  They twist and wind.  As you may have guessed, not all of the roads are asphalt. They're mostly dirt roads.

And Florissant isn't the kind of place where you want to have car troubles.  There are no gas stations every mile.  You might consider calling AAA, if you're able to  get a call through to them.  There are many areas where there is no cell phone coverage.  You're on your own.



Florissant, ColoradoI did a closing a couple of weeks ago in Florissant.  For that closing I took CR1 (County Road 1). 

There is another road -- Lower Twin Rocks Road (CR 42)

It intersects with CR1 and provides a bit of shortcut if you're driving from Colorado Springs. That's the road I took to get to the closing I had yesterday.  Both roads are paved and in pretty good condition.














GPSIt's a good idea to have a GPS.  I used to shun the devices, thinking that I could find any location with a map.  But now I can't imagine owning a car without one.  And I can't imagine trying to find my way through Florissant at night without a GPS.




It's a beautiful area of Colorado with a lot of spectacular scenery.  I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I can say that I know my way around Florissant like I do Colorado Springs.  But I've reached a point where I feel comfortable accepting an assignment to do a closing there.



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