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Are You Participating in this Recession? Buy in your economy, for you!

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Many areas around the country are hit hard by this economy. Others have been spared.

In some areas of Atlanta, the economy is both good and bad.  I find that in areas that are supported by one industry, for example, Peachtree City area- supported largely by the airline industry, things are very slow.  More diversified areas such as Alpharetta remain strong with the occassional good deal to be had.

When purchasing a home, remember to look for  a home in an economy that best serves you.

If you know you will be staying in a home for 10 years, purchase in a slow area and get a great deal!

If you know that you move every 3-5 years, consider finding a good deal in an area that is more business diversified.  You will not get a home for as good of a price, but decline is less likely to hit the more stable area as well.