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Save money on the local level, by stimulating the local economy.

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Did you know that most of us live within 1.5 hours of a rural area?  Did you know that you can save money for your family by shopping in bulk from local farmers.  My family shops a local farmer every six months for a 1/2 a side of beef, or a 1/4. This grain fed beef, is natural, delicious, and costs $2.50 per lb!  If you have a freezer, and can afford to buy in bulk go for it!

Also, check your local area and see what the specialty is for the area. Here in North Atlanta, Chicken Plants can be found.  Each plant usually has a little store that sells in bulk... Find deals at a fraction of the cost of retail. Stimulate the local economy and your own!

South Georgia is known for peaches! Buy a bushel, and have friends an family participate in canning. It makes for worthwhile family time, while stocking the pantry! Same goes with a home grown vegetable garden. Hours of cultivation with your kids, can produce a freezer or pantry full!

There are so many ideas that can be utilized. Think of your area, and what is indigenous to your area-- and go for it!