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SCAMS THE RE INDUSTRY NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT: The truth about Manufactured Home engineered certification, affidavit of fixture, foundation installation, repair and retrofiting.

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Just wanted to add a slice of humor to a very mundane and boring topic albeit probably the most important aspect of your manufactured home.  Let this serve as a reminder that you, the manufactured home owner, really need to be careful about who you let work under your home.  Don't fall for the many, engineered certification, affidavit of fixture, re-leveling, foundation installation, retrofit and repair, earthquake bracing, hurricane and tornado tiedown scams etc.  There's literally tons of them lurking about trying to seperate you from your hard earned doe.

Unfortunately there are scams in every industry and the Manufactured Housing Industry is no exception. The bad guys know that the only way you can get an FHA & VA HUD guaranteed loan on your manufactured home is if you have it on a certified foundation/tie-down system and that it is signed off by an engineer.

Realtors and lenders need to be especially aware of all the fly-by-night flim flam hucksters out there; especially know days when there are so many people out of work and down on there luck; both victims and bad guys. It is your fiduciary responsibility to your client to make sure that the companies you select to represent you and perform services for your clients are ON THE LEVEL, properly licensed, bonded and insured and have experience and references.  If you don't excersise prudence it could come back to haunt you and your wallet big time. 

I know.  I've been an Industry Expert for the California State Contractors License Board, a media relations consumer advocate and Expert Witness in the Manufactured Home Industry for 20 years and I've worked on hundreds of cases and projects where RE Brokers and Lenders have been sued for recommending un-licensed and un-qualified tradesmen and allowing un-ethical opportunists to perform bogus services under someones home. Don't be a victim and don't allow your clients to become one either. 

Grab a Cup-O-Joe, a cool one or whatever turns you on and sit back, relax and enjoy this little satire written, produced and directed by my son Scott (Bubba) Arendsen, President of ON THE LEVEL Contractors. Licensed in California, Arizona, Oregon and Florida.  We also have a contractor and engineer network established througout the entire United States and have been providing engineered certification, (433A documentation, California only)  affidavit of fixture, foundation installation, repair and retrofitting for RE Brokers, Lenders and Manufactured Home Owners since 1986.


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Sep 05, 2020 06:52 PM


Sep 05, 2020 06:52 PM