Bouncing in a Clovis Bubble

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Well, while the rest of the world sits and waits for housing to recover, for the swine to recover, for the banks to recover, Clovis, New Mexico is bouncing along like several other small pockets of life in this big world.

We are in a unique situation because of growth at Cannon AFB and  in several surrounding industries. We actually have help wanted signs around town, people are moving in, buying their first homes, fixing up existing homes, and business is booming. We are down to 275 homes on the market in Clovis - a town of 45,000 people, and we have more people being transferred in daily.

If you like to build houses, if you are a skilled subcontractor, please come to Clovis. We need you! Give me a call 575-799-9500. I'd love to put you to work. But please don't call if you just like to develop postage stamp sized lots with identical tract houses. We have a serious need for affordable housing ($150,000 - $200,000) but there must be some way to build decent homes with decent yards in communities with something other than lots in a rectangular grid.

It has been reported to us that we need 2000 new housing units to be built in the next two years, to accommodate those that are being transferred to Cannon and their families.

We need to revamp our land use plans, we have a great opportunity to build a city and I hope we don't waste it for what is most cost efficient.

I would like to see green spaces, jogging trails, playgrounds, and amenities like you see in other areas of the country.  People moving to Clovis are expecting more and hopefully  we will deliver.

While I am writing my wish list maybe New Mexico could give home builders a break with the gross receipts tax they charge.  Paying sales tax on a home like you would a box of chocolates is not helping things.


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Jackie DeLong
Connect - Bellingham, WA

Wow, what a great opportunity for you.  Growth is wonderful.  Maybe  the planning commission in your town should be addressed by the citizens.  Yes it is so nice to have the ammenities of well planned subdivisions.  Sometimes things happen too fast and not for the betterment of a community.  This is so important to the health of an area and to the value of properties.  Good luck!

Apr 29, 2009 08:18 AM