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When creating a business website, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind to make sure it is a successful website that promotes your company, sells your product and is inviting to your customers. Many people settle for just two out of three, but they may be losing something this way. Later, they end up spending time and money to correct it and make their site better. Instead, you should just make sure you are doing things correctly the first time!


Easy to Read


Bill Bartmann tip #1 on how to correctly set up your website is to make sure that it's easy to read. It's very easy to get carried away with all sorts of bright and flashy things that are offered on websites these days. While colors and pictures can add a lot to a website, they need to be done in a way that your message can still clearly get across to your clients.


Make sure the text portion of your site is easy to read and is not cluttered up by all of those things. Remember, not everyone who looks at your site will have perfect vision. Some of them will have a tough time focusing on print that is too small, or moving, so keep this in mind when designing the site. You want to make sure that all the words are easy to read. After all, this is your chance to sell them on your company and your products.


Easy to Use


Bill Bartmann tip #2 on how to correctly set up your website is to make sure it's easy to use. There is nothing worse than trying to navigate through a website where you can't understand which boxes you should click on to get the information you want. While some of the new website designs are pretty to look at, if they aren't functional and easy to use you may lose customers.  Customers who are looking for something are not looking for fun and colorful designs. They are looking for information that is easy to get to. Anything less may send them to another site to find what they need.


Contact Info


Bill Bartmann tip # 3 is while you may think it's common sense to have contact information on your website, you would be amazed at how many people omit this little detail when it comes to their websites. It is vital that you have all of your contact information available. From e-mail addresses to a physical address and a phone number you need to give your potential customers a number of ways to access you. If you don't, they may move on to another company that is easier to reach.


Another possibility is that they will wonder if you are even a real business if you don't provide ways for them to contact you. In this day and age where there are lots of scam businesses out there, this could be a deal breaker and send them looking for someone who looks more legitimate.


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