This Short Sales and Loan Mod Stuff is making me mad!!!!!

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In the last few weeks,  I have been inundated with Short Sale clients.  I was really getting tired of hearing all these lawyer ads about their helping people do Loan Mods.  They are charging $2000-3000 upfront and agreeing to credit back some portion of that if they don't succeed.   I found out about a neighbor who gave $2500 to a lawyer about 4 months ago and still no answer.  The truth is that he will never qualify for a Loan mod because he is in midst of a divorce and will never qualify because he needed his wife's income.  He should have been told that upfront,  instead of wasting 4 months.  Now he has gotten Notice of Default and I don't think the lawyer does Short Sales.

So,  I sat down and wrote a letter to about 40 people in my church and friends.   I told them that I would be willing to do their loan mods for FREE.  I was amazed that I got 4 calls the first day.  No,  I do not have a lot of flaky friends but some have lost their jobs,  two have had hours cut back,  one has had their rate incresed, etc, etc, etc.

It has been such a great feeling to help people.  I know we will not necessarily be compensated for our work but I have been greatly rewarded by my real estate career.  I can afford to give back.

How about you??????/




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